“eWeLink-Remote Control” is a remote control solution exclusive to SONOFF devices, which is an optimization on the basis of traditional 433MHz RF control. It provides a more convenient, more reliable, and longer-distance control way for your home appliances. eWeLink-Remotet network consists of an eWeLink-Remote gateway and multiple eWeLink-Remote sub-devices, allowing you. One eWeLink-Remote gateway can add up to 8 eWeLink-Remote sub-devices.

How Is It Work

ewelink-remote control

As we can see above, there are two control ways for different needs.

①* For SONOFF devices with the “eWeLink-Remote” gateway function, you can locally control them through the “eWeLink-Remote signal” transmitted by eWeLink-Remote sub-devices (R5, S-MATE) even if no Internet is available.

②* The eWeLink-Remote ecosystem is like Zigbee ecosystem. You can add the sub-device to any of the gateways to make the device communicate with different protocols, which means you can also control other SONOFF devices without the “eWeLink-Remote” gateway function by setting smart scenes on the APP.

Compared with 433MHz RF Control

How to Add eWeLink-Remote Sub-devices


Use Case Videos

R5 is a 6-key free-wiring scene remote controller that can be added to eWeLink-Remote gateway for local control. Support 3 trigger actions: clicked, double-clicked and long-pressed. Up to18 scenes can be triggered by R5. You can stick R5 on the wall as a switch, or take it off as a remote controller.

How to add R5 to eWeLink-Remote gateway? How to set a smart scene using R5 and M5? Let’s watch the video to learn how it works.

MINIR3 is a smart switch with the gateway function of “eWeLink-Remote”. S-MATE and R5 are let’s watch this video to learn the eWeLink-Remote and how MINIR3 works with S-MATE and R5.

Quick setup guide for MINIR3 and S-MATE.

List of Devices Featuring eWeLink-Remote

iHost’s eWeLink-Remote Control

After iHost is updated to V1.11.0, it supports adding eWeLink-Remote sub-device: R5 / S-MATE / S-MATE2.

The principle of iHost’s eWeLink-Remote Control is different from that of eWeLink-Remote Control in App. It relies on iHost’s LAN control capability for local control.

Check the differences between iHost’s eWeLink-Remote Control and App eWeLink-Remote Control via the chart below:


Q: How many sub-devices can be added to a gateway?

A: Up to 8 “eWeLink-Remote” sub-devices.

Q: Can I add one “eWeLink-Remote” sub-device to multiple “eWeLink-Remote” gateways?

A: No, one “eWeLink-Remote” sub-device can only be added to one “eWeLink-Remote” gateway.

Q: I have a SONOFF BASICR2, can I buy an R5 scene controller to control it?

A: No, R5 is an eWeLink-Remote sub-device, and BASICR2 doesn’t support eWeLink-Remote, you still need to buy a device featuring the“eWeLink-Remote” gateway to control it.

Q: I have installed MINIR3 and it is online, why can't I control it with R5?

There are three reasons:

1. The scene has not been set.

2. Distance is too far.

3. R5 Insulation sheet is not removed.

Q: Can the “eWeLink-Remote” sub-device control all SONOFF devices in the scene?

A: To control other SONOFF devices, you need an “eWeLink-Remote” gateway, SONOFF devices that can be set as “actions” can be controlled. ( such as SNZB01-SNZB04, Dongle plus…can’t be controlled )

Q: Can the eWeLink-Remote sub-device be set as an executive action in the smart scene?

Q: Can the eWeLink-Remote sub-device be set as an executive action in the smart scene?

Q: What's the maximum distance between eWeLink-Remote gateway and eWeLink-Remote sub-device?

A: The distance between eWeLink-Remote gateway and eWeLink-Remote sub-device should not be too far, otherwise they’re disconnected. The current maximum distance for an open field is:
S-MATE: 150m
R5: 90m

In the case of a wall occlusion, the maximum distance is:
S-MATE/R5: 45m