TX Ultimate


Switch to a Colorful Life

SONOFF TX Ultimate Smart Touch Wall Switch

Full Touch Access for Easy On/Off

Compared to a regular touch switch, TX Ultimate has a much larger touchable area, almost occupying the entire panel. Easy to turn on with a light press.

Make the Wall "Shine"

TX Ultimate has 8 different ambient light modes. You can take it as a night light to brighten the corridor, colorful light for atmosphere, or wall light to decorate your room.

Multisensory Touch Feedback

TX Ultimate integrates LED light, speaker and built-in motor. Pressing it can trigger the light transition, sound transition, and panel vibration at the same time, bringing a more futuristic trigger feedback.

Multiple Gestures, Multiple Trigger Effects

"Cover" Different Style!

The cover of TX Ultimate can be replaced. Prefer understated star style? Or lively cartoon style? Leave it to you to design!

*Star covers and cartoon covers need to be purchased separately.

Wireless Local Two-way Control

TX Ultimate can be used as eWeLink-Remote gateway. You can create a smart scene that enables both TX Ultimate and scene controller R5 to control the same light. Easily realize two-way or multi-way control without troublesome wiring.

Turn Your Words into Control Commands

Supports voice control by working with Alexa, Google Home and Alice. Turn off the light by voice when you want to immerse yourself in a movie.

Simplify Your Life with Automation

Timer and smart scene meet your automation needs. Set a timer to turn lights on automatically, or create smart scenes through the unique swipe operation and built-in sound effects.


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*Star covers and cartoon covers need to be purchased separately.