Move, Light On; Leave, Light Off

SONOFF Zigbee Motion Sensor

Plug and Play for a Smart Life

SONOFF iPlug Wi-Fi Smart Plug | S60

Empowering Connectivity: SONOFF Joins Forces with Amazon & eWeLink

Shared from: The smart home industry has...

How to Customize the Language for Your iHost

Download File Translate & Edit Upload to iHost In version 1.13.2, iHost introduces support for custom languages. After downloading the iHost...

How to integrate Yeelight devices into SONOFF iHost

Integrate Yeelight lights into SONOFF iHost smart local hub for control and interoperability with other devices in iHost. This tutorial will guide you on how to install the add-on and sync the Yeelight devices to iHost.

Manage an Action on SONOFF SNZB-01P Button on Jeedom

SONOFF SNZB-01P Zigbee wireless switch positions itself as part of your system, providing instant, intelligent control of your connected home environment. Integrated into the Jeedom ecosystem, this button becomes the master of actions, scenarios and usability.






SNZB-01PManualsSONOFF Zigbee...


L3-PManualsSONOFF L3 ProPerk...


L3ManualsCreate your...

L2 Lite

L2 LiteManualsCreate your...


L2ManualsCreate your...

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