SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Ultra

Reliable Connectivity via Ethernet,
Endless Possibilities with Matter

SONOFF Micro Zigbee USB Smart Adaptor

Automate Your USB Device
with SONOFF ZBMicro

SONOFF Zigbee Door / Window Sensor

Monitor Door / Window in Real-time,
Guard Every Entryway

SONOFF SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch | M5 Matter

Seamless Integration: Transform Your Home with Matter-Compatible Wall Switch

Master Your Energy Usage with SONOFF POW Ring Smart Power Meter

SONOFF POW Ring Smart Power Meter – your key to effortless energy monitoring and control. With real-time monitoring, customizable schedules, and overload protection, it’s the ultimate solution for optimizing energy usage and enhancing home safety. Explore its features and transform your smart home experience here.

m5 matter smart wall switch

Introducing SONOFF’s First Matter Smart Wall Switch – M5 Matter

M5 Matter is a Matter-enabled smart wall switch designed to elevate your home automation experience. 1 to 3 gang for you to choose from, and available in Type 80/86/120. With its seamless integration across various smart home ecosystems and rich functionality, M5 Matter empowers you to tailor your smart living environment to fit your unique needs.

Explore NSPanel Pro V3.0.0 NEW UI: RUBIK

SONOFF NSPanel Pro V3.0.0 introduces NEW UI – RUBIK, providing users with 12 different layouts for the home screen, each tailored to cater to diverse user preferences and habits. This customization empowers you to select the layout that aligns seamlessly with your unique usage patterns.

SONOFF Products Integration Guide for SmartThings & Driver Installation

It’s a guide about two methods for seamlessly integrating SONOFF products into the SmartThings ecosystem. These methods empower users to effortlessly integrate our products into their SmartThings ecosystems for control.


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SNZB-01PManualsSONOFF Zigbee...


 RF BridgeR2Manuals433MHz RF...


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L3-PManualsSONOFF L3 ProPerk...


L3ManualsCreate your...

L2 Lite

L2 LiteManualsCreate your...


L2ManualsCreate your...

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