A Local Private Server For Your House

SONOFF Smart Home Hub – iHost

Ingenious Design

Hardcore Specifications of Hardware

Work As Your Local Smart Home Hub

iHost supports adding devices through Zigbee, LAN, eWeLink-Remote and Matter, allowing you to centralize smart devices at home within iHost.

Support for a Wide Range of Device Types

Enhanced Zigbee Performance

With the enhanced control performance provided by the ESP32MG21 chip, iHost is capable of building a topology network consisting of up to 128 Zigbee devices.

Up to 128 Zigbee Devices²

Support SONOFF Zigbee Device³

Support all SONOFF Zigbee DIY smart switches, plugs, sensors, curtain motors,
and other devices. Create a comprehensive SONOFF Zigbee ecosystem.

Take Compatibility Capabilities to the Next Level⁴

After enabling Zigbee2CUBE, iHost will have stronger compatibility, allowing it to connect to a wider range of third-party devices such as Philips, IKEA, and others.

Compatibility will continue to improve with software upgrades. Check the current supported list by clicking on the link below

Check Device Status in the Zigbee Map⁵

Viewing the Connectivity Status of all Zigbee Devices in the Zigbee Map, facilitating better device management
and optimizing the Zigbee network in your home.

Manage Devices in a Local Area Network ⁶

iHost supports connecting and controlling various devices within the same local area network (LAN) of a router,
allowing the creation of different usage scenarios for them.

Support SONOFF LAN Device ⁷

Synchronize LAN-controllable SONOFF devices within the local network. Wall switches, retrofit modules, sockets, and more can be controlled locally.

*Check the detailed supported list by clicking on the link below.

Real-time Viewing of ONVIF
and RTSP Camera

Search and add ONVIF or RTSP cameras within the local network to view surveillance footage at any time on the center console.

One-Click to Trigger eWeLink-Remote ⁸

iHost can work as an eWeLink-Remote Gateway, allowing you to add R5 or S-mate devices. By creating smart scenes, you can quickly control the devices in iHost and achieve local remote control.

Matter Hub ⁹

iHost can serve as a Matter hub to add and manage other brands’ devices that support Matter,
enabling control within the iHost platform.

*Matter Hub is currently under development and expected to be launched in early 2024.

 Work As Your
Smart Home Bridge


Bridge to Matter Network¹

You can synchronize various devices within iHost to platforms such as Alexa, Google Home, Apple, and others using the Matter bridge. Make the non-Matter protocol devices to be used in the platform that supports Matter.

Bridge to Home Network

Install the Homebridge plugin and synchronize devices from iHost to Homebridge by activating the eWeLink Cube plugin. This allows you to manage and control these devices through the Home APP.

Work As Your Local
Smart Home Server

iHost is equipped with a powerful built-in rule engine that allows customizing various complex automation rules. These rules are stored locally and do not require external network or cloud support. Even in the event of network disconnection, iHost can still function normally, ensuring low-latency operation.

Local Automation ¹¹

iHost supports settings local security modes and smart scenes.
With software updates, it gradually unlocks more customizable capabilities.


Expanding Automation Possibilities
with Node-RED

Install Node-RED Add-on in iHost to create scenes with more versatility. Weather triggers? Create data tables? Implement a wide range of scenes through third-party nodes.

Local Data Storage and Manage

All data is stored in a local database and each data type supports local storage of 2000 data.

Feature-Rich Center Console for Your Needs

Access the iHost center console through a web browser, where manage devices, set up smart scenes, configure dashboards, and install Add-ons, among other features.

Personalized Configuration Dashboard ¹²

You can configure eWeLink CAST in the central console to create a personalized dashboard. By accessing the dashboard through a browser or the eWeLink CAST app, collectively manage your devices.

More Possibilities
From Various Add-ons

By installing different Add-ons, you can expand the functionalities of iHost and bring in new capabilities.

Open API

Infinite possibilities for you to develop your Add-on or integrate your system.

Maybe you have imaginative ideas or features you'd
like to see implemented on iHost? ¹⁴

The iHost API offers endless potential to developers for creating innovative add-ons and seamless integrations. We are proud to present our range of meticulously crafted add-ons, all of which are open-sourced for your reference. To access detailed information about these add-ons, kindly visit the link provided below.


Official Community Support

We welcome and encourage all users and developers to join the community. When you encounter issues or have new ideas, let’s engage in discussions together, making iHost’s features more abundant and powerful.



1. The iHost integrates RTL8723 chip which supports Wi-Fi and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) connectivity. However, we did not develop any integrated functionalities or applications that make use of Wi-Fi and BLE yet. Our dedicated team is actively working on future updates and developments that may leverage the Wi-Fi and BLE functionalities to provide you with an even more comprehensive smart home experience.

2. 32 Zigbee devices are allowed to connect with iHost directly. With the Zigbee router device extension, the iHost supports networking with up to 128 Zigbee sub-devices.

3. The Zigbee devices connected to iHost will not be synchronized with the eWeLink APP or any cloud services. As a result, you will not find any iHost Zigbee sub-devices in your eWeLink application account.

4. Please refer to the following link for the iHost Zigbee compatibility list. We assure you that all SONOFF Zigbee devices are 100% guaranteed to be compatible with iHost. Our team is continuously working on improving Zigbee compatibility for a wider range of devices. However, we do not promise or guarantee that all other third-party branded devices can be normally compatible as their features and functionalities vary. https://bit.ly/3pFFN8I

5. Please be aware that due to the potential presence of non-standard specialized features in third-party devices, we cannot guarantee the display of all devices connected through Zigbee2CUBE on the Zigbee Map.

6. To synchronize SONOFF LAN devices to iHost through the local area network (LAN), All LAN devices need to be connected to the same LAN. If there are multiple networks or different LANs, a cross-network connection is not possible.

7. Here is a list of SONOFF LAN devices that can be synchronized with iHost, allowing for local control and the creation of smart scenes to ensure local stability and reliability. Devices may retain only fundamental functionalities like the relay on/off control, power monitoring plot, etc. The device configuration options may are not fully the same as you do in eWeLink APP. https://bit.ly/43eoNDZ

8. The eWeLink-Remote functionality is expected to be officially launched in November. We kindly request your anticipation and patience.

9. iHost will serve as a Matter hub, enabling seamless integration of standard Matter devices into its ecosystem. Our dedicated team is working tirelessly to develop this exciting feature which is targeting a release date in early 2024. We are committed to delivering a seamless user experience and ensuring that iHost supports a wide range of Matter devices. This update will ensure that iHost remains up to date with the latest technology advancements and provides the best possible performance for iHost users.

10. The support for Matter Bridge is determined by third-party platforms. Currently, Matter Bridge only supports switches and socket-type devices, and we will continuously add more types of devices in the future.

11. We will continuously optimize and enrich the triggering conditions and execution actions of smart scenes based on user scenarios, usage requirements, and functional value. This will make the functionality of our system even more robust and feature-rich.

12. The functionality of eWeLink CAST undergoes continuous enhancement and refinement. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, we kindly advise referring to the latest version available.

13. The Tasmota Add-on currently only supports the integration of switch-type products. As an open-source application, we extend a warm invitation to individuals who have a passion for development and relevant experience to join us in collaborating to expand its support for a wider range of product categories. Please note that we do not guarantee that the Tasmota Add-on will support all types of devices. The long-term comprehensive maintenance of the project relies on the contributions and involvement of the project community. We greatly appreciate any contributions made by the community in this regard. https://github.com/CoolKit-Technologies/cc.ewelink.mqtt2cube-tasmota.addon

14. The API provided by iHost has the potential to support the implementation of these Add-ons, but it is important to note that their development and release are dependent on third parties or developers. We cannot guarantee the development and official release of these Add-ons.

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