RF BridgeR2


433MHz RF ⇋ Wi-Fi Hub

RF BridgeR2

Turn your traditional 433MHz RF remote control into smart. Add 433MHz RF sensors to create smart scenes and build your home security system.

As A "Bridge" to Other Protocol Devices

Traditional 433MHz Remote Control Devices, Instantly Become Smart

Note: The receiving supports fixed codes 433 frequency, like EV1527, PT2260, PT2262, PT2264, etc. Not support to learn rolling codes.

A Button for A Scenario

Create a scene you like. Simply press the remote control button to trigger WiFi or ZigBee devices in eWeLink to enter a scene.

Control All Devices Simultaneously

Once the RF BridgeR2 has successfully learned common remotes, you can use the remotes to control lots of devices in a time.

Create Smart Scenes with 433MHz Sensors

Using motion sensor PIR3-RF, opening floor-to-ceiling windows automatically when sensor detects motion.

Using door/window sensor DW2-RF, when the window is opened, the fan is automatically turned off.

Multiple Timer Ways

Let dumb lights, sockets, and other devices with 433MHz RF control in your home learn to RF BridgeR2, multiple timing options at your disposal.

Specified time

Automatically turn off lights at 11:00 pm every weekday.


Close the curtain after half an hour.

Loop execution

Turn on and off the heater every 10 minutes to maintain a constant temperature.

Works with More Ecosystems

* The status of the device is not visible on the eWelink APP or other voice platforms, so the voice command is just to trigger a 433MHz signal to reverse the device status but can not make certain to turn on or off.

Product Package

Quick Start

Download eWeLink APP

Powered by micro USB

Tap “+” and select “Quick Pairing”, then operate following the prompt on the APP.

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How to use RF 433MHz remote control to intelligentize your devices?
How to use RF 433MHz remote control to intelligentize your devices?