SONOFF SwitchMan Smart Wall Switch-M5

SONOFF M5 is a mechanical smart switch that is available in 1/2/3 channel, supporting local button, App and voice control. Everything is under control.

One Phone, One Home

Through the eWeLink APP, you can manage devices at any time, don’t worry about forgetting
to turn off the electrical appliances when you go out.

Press and Go

As a smart wall switch, M5 adopts physical buttons for local control. Just press the
button, the lights will be turned on.

Double As Smart & Safe

Adjust LED Light to Locate in the Dark

Want to quickly find the switch button by the LED indicator? Or prefer to sleep
well without the disturbance of lights? The LED indicator on the button can
be adjusted to various brightness to meet your need.

Get Things Done Using Just an Order

Supports voice control by working with Alexa,
Google Home, Alice and Siri shortcut. When
you are busy, you can turn on the light by your

Smart Scene Makes Your Life Convenient

Add a smart scene to build a linkage with DW2-WiFi door sensor which makes the light is turned on automatically when you open the door.


Time up, Brighten up

You can set a schedule for M5 to control the lights. When the time is up, the bedroom light can be turned on automatically.

Use with NSPanel

Operated on NSPanel smart scene wall switch to make you control the connected light or home appliances on a touch screen using a tap. It has the same color as NSPanel which provides a consistent decoration to match your home style.

Smart Way to Reach Two-way Control

With SONOFF SwitchMan Scene Controller R5, you can control the same light from two positions. Realize two-way or multi-ways control, troublesome wiring becomes a thing of the past.

Choose What Your Need

4 Steps to Install

Simple Installation

Quick Start



Material: PC V0


M5-1/2/3C-86 M5-1/2/3C-80
Casing material:
Working temperature:
IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz
80: CE

Current output: M5-1C: 10A M5-2C: 10A (5A/Gang) M5-3C: 6A (2A/Gang) Output 100-240V AC 50/60Hz Input 100-240V AC 50/60Hz  5A Max. power: M5-1C: 2200W M5-2C: 2200W (1100/Gang) M5-3C: 1320W (440W/Gang)

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