In response to user feedback and to enhance the accessibility of our products, we’re thrilled to introduce two methods for seamlessly integrating SONOFF products into the SmartThings ecosystem. These methods empower users to effortlessly integrate our products into their SmartThings ecosystems for control.

Method 1: Cloud Integration

For users who primarily use the eWeLink App, we recommend considering this method first. If you’re using Zigbee products, please note that you’ll require a SONOFF Zigbee gateway (such as ZBBridge-P or NSPanel Pro). Detailed steps for cloud integration can be found here:

Method 2: Zigbee Direct Connection

If the SmartThings App is your primary platform and you already have a SmartThings gateway, you can choose this method. We’ve provided links to the drivers necessary for integrating SONOFF Zigbee products with the SmartThings gateway at the end of this article.

Installation steps:

1. Access the Driver URL link.

2. Sign in with your Samsung account.

3. Click ‘Enroll’, it may take up to a minute.
4. Click ‘Available Drivers’

5. Click ‘Install’
6. Now the installation of the device driver has been completed.

7. Open the SmartThings App, and scan for nearby devices.
8. Then long press the device’s pairing button for 5 sec to enter pairing mode.

9. Please wait until the device addition process is complete.

Drivers URL link

*Other unmentioned Zigbee products can be directly connected to the SmartThings gateway without the need for driver installation.

*For new products or new features, we will continue to update the table below.


Driver URL



Device Mode
Current Temperature
Temperature Setting
Heating State
Battery State


Motion Detection
Battery State
Detection Duration
Illuminance (Bright & Dim) 


Open & Close Detection
Battery State
Tamper-proof State


●Leaking Detection
●Battery State


Motion Detection (Appear as a motion sensor but retains the functionality of a human presence sensor)
Detection Duration
Detection Sensitivity
Illuminance (Bright & Dim)