SONOFF Zigbee Human Presence Sensor | SNZB-06P

Seamlessly Light up Your Space with Intelligent Radar

Presence Detection

Based on 5.8GHz microwave radar, it detects movement or stationary person. It automatically turns on the lights when you approach and keeps the lights on until you leave, allowing the lights to accompany you at all times.

Bring Light Only When Needed

The built-in light detector ensures that the lights are only turned on when presence is detected in the dark, helping you save energy.

Personalize Your Sensor as You Want

Keep the office lights on when leaving briefly, and automatically turn them off after being absent for 5 minutes.

Local Scene Intelligent Linkage

Even if your network is down, you can still trigger Zigbee local scene.

Explore More Possibilities

Based on eWeLink App third-party platform function, supporting Alexa, Google Home,
Smartthings, Alice and IFTTT

Compatible with Multiple Zigbee Hubs

Add to Home Assistant

Easily add to Home Assistant for your home automation through
ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT

Flexible and Easy Installation

Multiple installation options available

Three levels of sensitivity and detection distance up to 4m(13 feet).

Difference between SNZB-06P and Motion Sensor

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