SONOFF Zigbee Motion Sensor | SNZB-03P

Illuminate Your Path, Secure Your Space

*Zigbee hub is needed (e.g. ZBBridge-P, NSPanel Pro, iHost)

Combining Convenience And Energy Conservation

Customize Detection Duration

Automatically turn off the lights when you leave, the shortest time can reach 5 seconds

Smart Environment Light Detection

When detecting movement, intelligently determine whether the ambient brightness is dim or bright, allowing you to have more flexibility in deciding whether to turn on the lights.

*SONOFF ZBBridge-P/NSPanel Pro/iHost is needed.

Extended Battery Life

Using CR2477 battery extends the battery life to over 3 years, eliminating concerns about frequent battery replacements.

*The battery life is a theoretical value obtained through internal laboratory testing by SONOFF, with a test environment of 25°C, connected to the SONOFF gateway, and triggered 50 times a day. Actual battery life may vary depending on usage.

Home Security

Local Scene Intelligent Linkage

Even if your WiFi network crashes, you can still activate Zigbee local scenes as long as your Zigbee devices are powered on. Lower latency, higher reliability.

*SONOFF NSPanel Pro/iHost/ZBBridge-P is needed.

Explore More Possibilities

Based on eWeLink App Third-party platform function, supporting Alexa, Google Home, Smartthings, Alice and IFTTT

*To access the eWeLink App, SONOFF ZBBridge-P/NSPanel Pro/iHost is needed.
The IFTTT function requires eWeLink Advanced Plan.

Compatible with Multiple Zigbee Hubs

Add to Home Assistant

Easily add to Home Assistant for your home automation through ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT

*To access the HA, Dongle is needed(e.g. SONOFF ZBDongle-P, ZBDongle-E).The user interface (UI) enhancement of Zigbee2MQTT is scheduled to be launched in January 2024.

Feature Overview

Place Anywhere and Cover Anywhere

Battery-powered, no wires needed.
Features a magnetic suction design, allowing it to stick anywhere and rotate to any angle.

*3M adhesive tape and screws are available as options.

Various Installation Methods

Difference between Presence Sensor and Motion Sensor

In the Box




Wireless connection

Zigbee 3.0

Detection range

6m(20ft), 110°

Battery model


Casing material

Working temperature

–10°C ~ 60°C

Working humidity

5-95%RH, non-condensing

Product dimension


Net weight