Step into the future of smart living with iHost, your all-in-one smart home hub designed to revolutionize your home automation experience. As our homes become smarter and more connected, the need for a stable and reliable system is paramount. Say goodbye to cloud dependencies and hello to iHost – the gateway that empowers your devices to operate seamlessly on your local network, providing unparalleled stability and convenience.


In order to provide a better user experience, we recruited more than 60 volunteer testers to test and use this device, and provide feedback to help us better improve this product. So, with the current iHost. It will have more new functions in the future. Let me introduce this powerful smart home hub next.

Innovative Design

Discover the sleek and stylish design of iHost that perfectly complements your modern lifestyle. With its nimble LED indicator and intuitive buttons for power, pairing, mute, and security, iHost is designed for effortless control. Not just that, on the back of iHost, you’ll find four ports that offer versatile connectivity options. These ports include a TF card slot for expandable storage, a USB 2.0 port for enhanced connectivity, a Type-C 5V/2A for power supply, and an Ethernet RJ45 port for stable and reliable network connectivity.

ihost- innovative design


RAM 4G version is with a DC 5V 2A input and uses Silicon Lab EFR32MG21 SoC chip with enhanced Zigbee performance, powered by an RV1126 CPU and NPU reaching up to 2.0 TOPs, RAM 2G version is powered by an RV1109 CPU and NPU reaching up to 1.2 TOPs, making the response speed of processing data faster and improving the operating efficiency of the device.

ihost- specification


When you unbox your iHost, you’ll find all the essentials for a smooth setup and operation.

1. iHost smart home hub x 1

2. Network cable (1m) x 1

3. USB Type-C cable (1m) x 1

4. Reset pin x 1

5. Quick guide x 1

6. User guide card x 1

Work As Your Smart Zigbee Hub

iHost takes smart home control to new heights with its smart Zigbee hub capabilities. You can add multiple device types for local control, forming a topology network of up to 128 Zigbee devices. Embrace the comprehensive SONOFF Zigbee ecosystem, encompassing all SONOFF Zigbee devices for a truly connected experience. Visualize your Zigbee devices in the Zigbee Map, offering you seamless device management and network optimization.

ihost-zigbee hub

Control Your Devices in LAN

Experience the true potential of local control with iHost. Seamlessly connect and control various devices within your home’s local area network (LAN). Whether it’s SONOFF LAN devices like wall switches, retrofit modules, or plugs, iHost ensures you have full control and autonomy.


Local Smart Home Server

With its powerful built-in rule engine, iHost empowers you to customize complex automation rules stored locally. Bid farewell to external network dependencies – even during network disconnections, iHost continues to operate with low-latency efficiency. Set local security modes and smart scenes, and with software updates, unlock more customizable capabilities. All your data is safely stored in a local database, supporting up to 2000 data entries for each data type.


Compatible with Third-party Devices

iHost‘s Zigbee2CUBE compatibility expands its reach, seamlessly connecting to a wider range of third-party devices, including popular brands like Philips, IKEA and Aqara. And you can even add NON-ZigBee 3.0 standard protocol devices. Stay up to date with software upgrades for continued compatibility growth.


Want to know if your device is compatible with iHost and what are the abilities after adding to it? Click the link to check:

Your Personal Center Console

Navigate the iHost central console through your web browser to access a plethora of features. Manage devices, set up smart scenes, configure personalized dashboards, and install extensions, all from one centralized location. Enjoy the convenience of eWeLink CAST to create and access personalized dashboards with ease.


Explore More Possibilities with Add-ons

Customize and expand iHost‘s functionalities by installing various Add-ons. Unlock new capabilities and tailor your smart home experience to your unique needs. Currently, we already support the following Add-ons, and we will continue to provide more with various capabilities in the future.

WordPress Tables Plugin

Check the developed Add-on’s introduction and installation tutorial here:

Open API to Develop Your Personalized System

Developers, it’s your time to shine! iHost is powered by eWeLink CUBE, which offers a set of open APIs, allowing other third-party devices and systems to communicate and integrate with eWeLink CUBE easily within the local network. So iHost’s open API offers endless possibilities to create innovative add-ons and seamless integrations. Most Add-ons can be developed based on these APIs to expand the system’s capabilities. Explore meticulously crafted open-sourced add-ons for inspiration.


Check detailed information about these add-ons API here:

Work As a Bridge for Powerful Compatibilities

You can synchronize various devices within iHost to platforms such as Alexa, Google Home, Apple, and others using the Matter bridge. This allows iHost to serve as a bridge for Matter devices.


Install the Homebridge plugin and synchronize devices from iHost to Homebridge by activating the eWeLink Cube plugin. This enables you to manage and control the devices in Home APP.


*The support for Matter Bridge is determined by third-party platforms. Currently, Matter Bridge only supports switches, plugs and light devices, and we will continuously add more types of devices in the future.

More Features in the Future

Matter Hub

Serve as a Matter hub to add and manage other brands’ devices that support Matter, enabling control within the iHost platform.


*Matter Hub is currently under development and expected to be launched in early 2024.

eWeLink-Remote Gateway

Work as an eWeLink-Remote Gateway, allowing you to add R5 or S-MATE devices. By creating smart scenes, you can quickly control the devices in iHost and achieve local remote control.

Learn more about eWeLink-Remote Control: What is eWeLink-Remote Control?


*The eWelink-Remote Gateway functionality is expected to be officially launched in November.

This powerful smart home hub is waiting for you to explore. Stay tuned for its new updates in the future.