Local Control


Sonoff Smart Home Hub–iHost is a local smart home hub that controls the devices through the LAN by the Web console. It can not only realize the connection and control of the devices and scene linkage but also set smart security according to different scenes, and check the logs of corresponding devices or scenes.

Now, let’s go on and learn more details.

Login and OTA


1. Plug in the charger cable and network cable, you will hear a sound and see the blue LED indicator keeps on when the iHost is powered on and connected to the network successfully.

2. Open a new browser to visit http://ihost.local/ and log in.

*Make sure the iHost and the PC are on the same LAN.

*Instruction of buttons operation

Switch button
  1. Press to power on and the LED indicator is on
  2. Press and hold the button for 3s, LED indicator is off
Zigbee device pairing button

Press to enter the device pairing status, the button indicator is on and the LED indicator is breathing yellow.

*In pairing status, press again to exit the pairing status and the button indicator will be off.

Mute buttonEnable/disable the mute mode of iHost
Security button
  1. Press to enter the arm status and the button indicator is on. Press again to disarm and the button indicator is off.
  2. When the speaker is sounding and the button indicator is flashing during the arming or disarming status, press the button to silence and stop the LED indicator flashes.

*Set the Arm and Disarm can be set in the centre admin console.

Reset button


  1. Double press the reset button to reset the password (select “Forgot Password” in iHost centre admin console to reset the password)
  2. Press for 10s to reset


*From V1.11.0, OTA iHost doesn’t require eWeLink account linking.

1.Enter “Settings”, link your eWeLink account.

2. Open eWeLink APP, click “Update Now” in device settings.

Add Zigbee sub-device

1. Click the ‘pair’ on the Web console or press the ‘pairing’ button on the device.
2. Set the Zigbee sub-device to the pairing mode.
3. After pairing is successful, you can manage or control your device.

Smart Scene & Smart Security

You can set different smart scenes or smart security to add more convenience to the smart life at home.
1. Click ‘Configure’ to get started.

2. Enter a Cast name.

3. Select the Devices/ (Manual) Scenes/Settings you want.
4. Click ‘Save’ to finish the configuration.

*You can set an access PIN code for the dashboard to prevent unexpected switching.

*Click the button and you can preview the Phone/Pad effect.

Troubleshooting tips

  • Universal access URL is invalid?

First, make sure the iHost and the PC/Pad/Phone side are on the same LAN.

If the universal access URL is still invalid, please find out the iHost IP address by visiting the backend of the router and then entering the corresponding IP address on your browser to access.

  • Failed to visit the dashboard?

First, make sure the iHost and the PC/Pad/Phone side are on the same LAN.

If you are running an older Windows version or have a stricter network configuration, you might need to access cast at http://ihost/cast or http://X.X.X.X/cast (replace X.X.X.X with your iHost’s IP address)

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