What is an Add-on? 

It is any third-party software program or script that is added to a program to give it additional features and abilities.

How to install the Add-on?

1. Insert your TF card.

TF Card Requirements:
Sequential Write Speed: Above Class 10
Memory Capacity: Above 64G (Recommend)
Cannot be the loop partition. If so, it must be formatted to other types and then come back to iHost to format.

2. Click “Format” to erase your data in the TF card.

3. After “Formatted successfully”, click “Install” to install the eWelink Smart Home Addon

How to run the Add-on?

1. Click “RUN”, choose the “host” network, and then click “RUN”
2. Finally the eWelink Smart Home Addon is installed successfully.

Install eWeLink Smart Home Add-on

  1. Click “INSTALL” to install the eWeLink Smart Home Add-on

2. Click “RUN”. After confirmation, click “RUN” again.

3. Install successfully

Sync the SONOFF LAN Device

1. Enter Web UI page.

2. Log in to your eWeLink account.

3. Click “Sync” and get the iHost access token.
4. The LAN device from eWeLink Smart Home can be controlled now. You can also set a smart scene between Zigbee device and LAN device.

Homebridge eWeLink CUBE Plugin Tutorial

Note: Please update the iHost to the latest firmware 1.3.0 before you start to apply HomeBridge.


Homebridge is a lightweight NodeJS server that can emulate the iOS HomeKit API, providing basic bridging from HomeKit to various third-party APIs offered by “smart home” device manufacturers. By installing Homebridge and the eWeLinkCUBE plugin, users can synchronize devices from the eWeLink CUBE to the Homebridge.

How to install the Homebridge eWeLink CUBE plugin?

1. Log in to the iHost Web console and install the Homebridge image in the Docker.

2. Open the Homebridge Web page (the IP address of the iHost+:8581, for example, and install the eWeLink CUBE plugin in the Homebridge.

3. After installation, click “Get access token”.

*Click ‘Search iHost’ and enter an IP address to get iHost access token if you don’t find the iHost you want above.

*Expired. Click to reacquire a valid access token.

 Please reacquire access token if you replace iHost, and all devices in Homebridge will be deleted simultaneously.

*Failed to connect.

Please confirm whether the iHost IP address is correct or not.

*IP already exists.

4. Get back to the iHost Web console and confirm to get iHost access token.

PS: If you choose “Cancel” to refuse to get the iHost access token, then you can’t get it again within 3 mins.

5. Back to the Homebridge setting page, click the “Device list” and select the device you want to “Save”.

6. Restart the Homebridge and you can see the device on the “Homebridge Accessories”.

Node-RED Add-on Tutorial

How to install the Node-RED Add-on?

  1. Log in to the iHost Web console and install the Node-RED Add-on.

  1. Wait a while and open a new browser tab to visit Node-red page, the default url is ihost.local:1880 or IP of iHost:1880 (for example , you may find the IP on your router’s management page)
  1. Click on the upper right corner and select Manage palette.
  1. Search “node-red-contrib-ewelink-cube” and install.
  1. You can find “eWeLink Cube” and use the feature now.
6. Select one of the eWeLink Cube nodes and double-click to open the settings.

7. Enter the IP address of iHost and get the token.

8. You can deploy different nodes according to your needs.

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