Did you ever spend more than thousands of dollars on setting up your smart home and excited to welcome friends to visit your home, but none of them notices that you are living in a smart home?

Did you still turn on the wall switches manually when you entertain your friends in your smart home?

Did you ever forget to adjust your room temperature when take your friends to your home?

Why you spare no effort on your smart home and want to show it off, but realize that you cannot point out the difference between the traditional switches and smart switches?!

How dare your friends ignore your super smart home!!!

In this case, if you install a central-control wall switch with HMI at your home entrance, everyone enters your house will not ignore your smart home system anymore. However, look around the smart home market, there may be lots of similar solutions, but some of them may be too expensive or some of them are troublesome on configuration and installation.

So. What about considering SONOFF brand-new wall switches – NSPanel and replacing your traditional wall switches to this multifunctional panel.

Several features you may interested in:

    1. Smart dual-gang wall switches, act as the traditional wall switches.
    2. Human Machine Interface (HMI) to control other smart devices and execute the smart scene.
    3. Built-in thermostat to support the temperature adjustment.
    4. Your friends would never ignore your smart home system by installing this cool panel at the entry!

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—NSPanel Introduction—

Whole-new appearance design, improving on the appearance of traditional smart wall switch to give it a sense of technology. Of course, it supports all the original features, including remote control, timing, locking mode and etc. It will act as what it should be!

Improved the traditional smart wall switches with NEXTION HMI, you can adjust the brightness of the screen and set a sleep mode, so that no need to worry the electricity wasting.

(In addition, there are vertical or horizontal option for the US version of the NSPanel.)


Central-control widgets, aim to give you a more convenience way to activate the smart devices or scenes in your home. You can set 8 widgets on the NSPanel via the App to add single device, group devices and scene as the widget. After it was all done, you can control them centrally.

Smart Scene

Scene mode, you can only set it on your phone generally and are not allowed to share it with others to control your smart scene unless you let them know your account number. In this case, you may feel upset about this. Your purpose is going to make your families’ life more convenient with your setting smart scene, but when they need something smart, only you can wake up the smart scene. It seems contrary to your original intention.

But don’t worry! NSPanel can help – one tap to control the smart scene. Pre-set the scene on the App and add it as the widget on the NSPanel, then you can one tap to execute it via the NSPanel. Under this setting, everyone in your home can control the scene via the widget. For example, you can set a Movie-mode to close the curtains, turn on the ambient lightings and etc. to control it by one tap. Watching a movie in such easeful atmosphere is really a kind of enjoyment. See what? Your friends must be jealous of your smart home system.

Widgets Control & Group Control

In addition, you can also turn on/off SONOFF smart devices, adjust the color, brightness of SONOFF smart lightings and etc. on the NSPanel. (Supported to use with Philip smart bulb)

By the way, you may feel troublesome to control all the smart devices one by one. Don’t worry! We made a thoughtful design for you – group control. Take controlling lightings as the example, one tap to turn on/off the lightings or adjust the colors or brightness to make you feel comfortable. One-step process to meet your dream demand.

Temperature Control


You have languished after working all day, only to meet your hot or cold home? How poor you are!
As I mentioned before, there is a built-in thermostat in the NSPanel. According to the detected temperature, it is able to execute the connected heater or cooler automatically to adjust your room temperature to give you a cozy home.

Worried about wasting the electricity? Worried about it may out of control when you do not at home? Don’t worry! There are manual-mode and auto-mode on the NSPanel to help you maintain the room temperature.


You can make the NSPanel to execute its temperature maintenance feature in a specific period automatically by setting the temperature on the auto-mode. After that, NSPanel will detect the room temperature and execute the heater/cooler to adjust the temperature during your setting period.


Once you set up the temperature that you want, the NSPanel will keep detecting your indoor temperature and execute its temperature adjusting feature immediately until you turn it off or switch it to auto-mode.

NSPanel is a brand-new smart device, which were jointly developed by SONOFF and NEXTION. This is the reason why we name it as NSPanel, the “NEXTION + SONOFF” Panel. To be honest, it was a completely new challenge for us to develop this smart device, we hope our user can enjoy a brand new smart home experience with the NSPanel!

If you are interested in the NSPanel, you can click the link to know more details: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/sonoffnspanel/sonoff-nspanel-smart-scene-wall-switch?ref=dtp1b9

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