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1. Introducing the SONOFF POW Elite

SONOFF, the brand no longer presents itself, one of the pioneers in home automation and more generally in the field of remote control.

Learn more about this module: SONOFF POW Elite

Home automation is revolutionizing the way we manage our homes. Smart devices allow us to control lighting, air conditioning, door locks, and more using our smartphone or voice. Among the most innovative home automation devices, SONOFF Pow Elite stands out as a powerful device for monitoring and controlling your electrical appliances.

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Please note, we recommend using this type of module only if you have solid knowledge of electricity or call a qualified electrician. 220v remains deadly!

Main Features :

Remote Control: Thanks to the eWeLink mobile application, you can turn your electrical appliances on or off remotely, whether you are at home or on the go.

Energy Consumption Monitoring: The Sonoff Pow R2 Elite is equipped with a current sensor that allows you to monitor the energy consumption of your devices in real time. This can help you save energy and money.

Schedule and Timer: Schedule your devices to automatically turn on or off at specific times. For example, you can schedule your coffee maker to turn on in the morning.

Voice Assistant Compatibility: The Sonoff Pow R2 Elite is compatible with leading voice assistants, including Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, allowing you to control your devices using simple voice commands.

Safety: It also offers an overload protection feature, allowing you to keep your devices safe.

2. Unboxing

Once the box is in front of us, lots of questions arise, especially one! Where and how? 🙂

A beautiful case, not big in the end, 98 x 54 x 31 mm, the SONOFF design and of course present, white, matte and well finished!

pow elite

Access to the connection terminals is done by removing the cover at the bottom.

l3 pro-4
Some indications/buttons on the front, the On/Off button which is also used for pairing, the Wi-Fi signal LED.
l3 pro-5

3. Wiring

For the tests, I said to myself, I don’t have voltage control on my freezers in the cellar (old-fashioned 2-story house).

So, we are going to do the installation in this direction, so I connect the phase and the neutral to the L In terminals and one of the N terminals, and add another L Out cable to my wago and the same for the neutral.

Please note, we recommend using this type of module only with solid knowledge of electricity or using a qualified electrician. 220v remains deadly!

l3 pro-5

Once the current is restored, we can see that the module is in voltage, your current may not yet be restored to your peripherals, you just need to press the On/Off button to resolve the problem.

4. App

In the document provided for the installation, which I admit is light, it asks for the installation of an eWeLink application, we do it 🙂

Nothing too complicated, the proof is that I can do it 🙂


To enter the application, you should have an account or create one, once the operation is done, we arrive on the home page of the application.

The “+” at the top right will be used to add the new module, we execute of course, otherwise…. What do I say next?

For this step you will need to enter your Wi-Fi network, normally you know the information better than me.

It will then scan your network to find the new devices. To do this, you will need to put the module into “pairing” by pressing the On/Off button for a long time, the wifi LEDs will start flashing.

Once added, we can rename it and of course assign it a room or even share it.

4.1 Update

Once the installation is done and the connection is made, the application offers us an update of the latter.

You have to go to the device settings, to the current version and update.

Warning: it is possible that the latter restarts after me, personally, it has not done so. 😀

4.2 Options in the App

Here are some options available in the app:

– change the location

– share

– reset consumption

– management of notifications and alerts in case of offline

– the state at startup

– etc.

5. Integration into Jeedom

To add a scenario and/or do other operations in Jeedom, I use the Wi-Fi light V2 plugin, 6 €uros but so many compatible devices.

I use this plugin to manage my Meross sockets, Tap light and of course, eWeLink.

l3 pro-5

You will of course need to provide information on the different accounts that you may need.

And then, you will need to synchronize your devices by clicking on “eWeLink Switch to inclusion”

As a result, the plugin will synchronize the devices present on your account.

At the first connection, I did not have the IP of my device.

Then, it is possible to retrieve it from our DHCP server or via scanner software.

And here is the information that we can find at the plugin level for the SONOFF POW Elite.

Among others, the device ID, ApiKey, IP, etc.

In terms of orders, we have a nice picture.

Between ON, OFF, information on status, voltage, etc. and the same thing on the dashboard:

It will be possible to “history” the values in the commands.

5.1 Small Scenario

Having connected my freezers/fridges to it, I imagined a scenario that would warn me in the event of a breakdown in one of my peripherals.

It will therefore be necessary to define the thresholds not to have and especially when to alert.

We will start with a simple scenario first.

If Off then notification

l3 pro-5

The scenario works well, whether I cut from the app on the mobile or even following a module cut.

We can push it a little further by trying a power ON

l3 pro-5

In fact, you can directly make changes to the state settings without going through a scenario.

It will be possible to create a bunch of scenarios and/or projects for managing a device.

I think that in the long term, I will put this type of module everywhere in my house for better management of my devices.

I hope I have made you want to test/install this device.

Have fun!