Note: Since the new version of Alexa App cancels the energy dashboard entrance for devices featured with power statistics, if you want to access the device’s energy dashboard on the Alexa App, please download the version before 2.2.579721.0 ( including this version ).

Amazon has rolled out a new feature to Alexa app that is energy dashboard. This new update can track the power consumption of your devices connected to Alexa and help you estimate how much electricity do your devices consume. The energy dashboard function can now work with device types including smart lights, plugs, switches, thermostats, water heaters, TVs and Echo smart devices. You can check here to browse the list of devices that can work with the new energy dashboard.

Here, a quick look shows that compatible SONOFF devices include S31 Wi-Fi Smart Plug, IW100/101 Wi-Fi smart socket & switch, POWR2 Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Energy Monitoring. With the energy dashboard, you can get an overview of the energy usage of your devices connected with the above SONOFF through Alexa app. This new update is also available for Philips Hue, Honeywell, LIFX, Kasa, Sengled, Lutron, HiSense, Leviton, Emerson and Aquanta.

How to use Alexa energy dashboard to track SONOFF device’s energy usage?

1. Pair your SONOFF devices with eWeLink app. (All of the above SONOFF devices can be put into the pairing mode by pressing the pairing button and hold 5s, then complete the pairing in eWeLink app.
2. Tap “+” at the bottom of the device home page.
3. Go to “Link” in the Account Linking item.
4. Alexa and eWeLink account has been linked successfully. Tap “Back”.
*All devices under your eWeLink account will be synced to Alexa app. But only the energy usage of devices working with Energy Dashboard can be checked in the energy dashboard. (Devices includes S31, IW100/101 and POWR2.)

5. Launch your Alexa app. Access “Devices” item.
6. Now, you can check your devices in the “Energy Dashboard.”

What power rating metadata can be checked in Alexa energy dashboard?

In the energy dashboard, you will have multi-dimensional options to track your devices based on the week or month. You can check the energy usage of devices within a week or month, or just view how many times do your devices work weekly or monthly.

The energy dashboard gives you more options to customize your tracking plans that you can check the energy usage for all devices or based on the device type, or track even the energy usage of the individual devices respectively. Simply move your finger on the “All Devices”, “Light” and “Plugs” to start your tracking plans. Furthermore, you can even compare the energy usage trends week over week or month over month.

Additionally, Alexa allows you to set the “Energy Estimation” for a certain device that it will combine this pre-determined energy metadata with your devices’ existing state to estimate the energy consumption of this device in Alexa app. This feature is useful for switches and plugs without energy monitoring capability in especial.

If you want to get more accurate energy usage overview of your devices, you can add more detailed device details according to the prompt within the app. The energy dashboard is a good free starting point to give you an insight into the energy usage for your devices and which device consumes the most electricity to help you manage the usage of your devices and reduce your electricity bill.
The energy dashboard is only available in the US now.