Center of Smart Home,
Ready to Go from

SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Ultra

Performance Comes to a Higher Level

Equip with a powerful configuration, that easily handles data processing and supports your smart home automation running as expected.

Reliable Connection Does Matter

As the brain of your smart home, a good connection is important. Apart from Wi-Fi, Zigbee Bridge Ultra supports Ethernet RJ45 port connection, which offers a reliable and responsive connection for your home automation experience.

Bridge to Matter Ecosystem

Break down the barriers of different IoT Platforms. Keep the Zigbee Bridge Ultra and the Matter hub in the same LAN, the Zigbee sub-devices can be seamlessly integrated with the Matter ecosystem.
*Only supports Zigbee sub-devices from the SONOFF brand and eWeLink ecosystem.

Activate Siri to Action

Friendly to Apple users. The Matter function can integrate the Zigbee sub-devices of Zigbee Bridge Ultra into the Apple Home. You can easily achieve home automation via your phone, pad, or watch.

One Tap to Defense

More than a hub in your smart home, but also an alarmer. Set a scene to realize one tap to defense by NFC triggered, wireless button pressed, or app remote control. And you will hear the beep and get the notification push when the event happens.


Wireless Button

APP Remote Control

Enjoy Convenience, Enjoy Life

Happiness covers every detail of your daily life. Just start by setting up your custom scenes.

Works with Voice Assistants

Hands-free by voice commands. A troublesome daily can also be a simple and humanized life.

Supports SONOFF Zigbee Devices

ZBBridge-U VS ZBBridge-P