ZB Bridge-P


SONOFF Zigbee Bridge

The heart of Zigbee smart home, making Zigbee and Wi-Fi
devices communicate.

SONOFF updated Zigbee bridge can manage up to 128
sub-devices with larger capacity and stability. Newly
added features like smart home security,
local smart scene, and so on.

Make Zigbee and Wi-Fi Devices Communicate

SONOFF bridge operates Zigbee 3.0 protocol, is designed to communicate data between
Zigbee and Wi-Fi devices to realize smart control and connection.

Manage Up to 128 Zigbee Devices

One bridge can add up to 128 sub-devices, plug-in devices can
act as Zigbee routers to extend the network range.

Customize Your Home Security Mode

Customize 3 modes by setting different arming devices.

Easily Arm and Disarm

Easily arm and disarm, easily switch security modes.

Efficient & Reliable Local Smart Scene

The local smart scene always works well even Wi-Fi is disconnected. Built-in high-precision local RTC, a short power outage will not affect the time synchronization. Time schedule can return work once power restoration.

The Use of Bridge Buzzer is Not Only Security Alarm

Create Comfort Home

The sensor detects the temperature and humidity of your home in real-time, it will trigger the fan or humidifier on/off automatically based on your setting to maintain comfort.

Motion - Lights On

Works with motion sensors, the lighting on automatically.

Door Closed - Lights Off

Turn off your hallway light automatically when you leave home.

Hands-free Control from Smart Assistants

Turn on/off devices or ask for the temperature or humidity with your voice? Connect
Alexa or Google Assistant to simplify your daily life.

The Bridge is the Heart of Zigbee Smart Home

Bridge supports all SONOFF and eWeLink Zigbee sub-devices.

SONOFF Zigbee Devices

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