SONOFF Micro Zigbee USB Smart Adaptor.

Automation Builder, Data Transmitter, and Zigbee Network Extender

*The Zigbee hub is needed.

Strengthen Signal, Reliable Connection

No more signal blind spots! Elevate your network capabilities with Turbo Mode, featuring advanced technology that boosts signal range and strength but also provides a seamless and stable connection for your devices.

*The Zigbee hub is needed.
*Laboratory data shows that its communication distance can reach up to 350m in an open environment. The specific range depends on the actual usage environment.

Fast Charging Yes, Overcharging NO

Used with the original fast-charging adapter, the maximum fast charging rate can reach 36W, which makes your devices come back to life as soon as possible! Set a schedule for your device, and no more worrying about overcharging to damage your battery.

*ZBMicro does not support fast charging and must be paired with the original fast-charging adapter.
*When using this device to charge mobile devices such as smartphones, it is recommended to use the original adapter. The use of non-original adapters may result in brief power interruptions leading to device restarts.

Equipped with Hi-Speed USB 2.0, significantly improves the efficiency of data transmission.

Smart Control Brings You the Breath of Convenient Life

Plant the intelligence seed to the USB devices start with smart controlling, and your smart home will be more vibrant.

Smart Automation for Your Home

Compatible with Multiple Zigbee Hubs

Explore Your Personalized Home Automation

Equip with Zigbee 3.0 standard, and available for open-source automation platforms. Easy to realize your home automation

*Zigbee Dongle is required. (e.g. ZBDongle-P/E )

Good Quality for High Safety

Safety is always our first duty. An excellent product not only provides good function but also safety is the priority.

3 Steps to Use

Easily set up. Download the APP, scan the QR code to connect with the gateway and control!

Wide Application Scenes




5-22V 4.6A MAX

Rated power
36W MAX (Use QC 3.0 Adaptor)

Wireless connection
Zigbee 3.0

Interface type
USB type-A


Working temperature
–10°C ~ 40°C

Casing material

Product dimension