What is NFC

With the increasing popularity of smart devices in recent years, the more powerful smart devices become, the more we can use them to interact with our environment. We need efficient solutions to transmit data and trigger events. Near-field communication (NFC) is one of the elements that enables devices to connect with each other to exchange data.

Near-field communication (NFC) is a short-range wireless connectivity technology that uses magnetic field induction to enable communication between devices when they’re touched together or brought within a few centimeters of each other.

This technology can be embedded in a small tag to facilitate data transfer between nearby mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and other electronics.

How to Use NFC Tag in iPhone Shortcuts

Well, most mobile phones support NFC. Let’s take the iPhone 14 Pro Max as an example to show you how to set smart scenes with NFC Tag, easily one tap to play music with your phone. Watch the video to follow the steps👇

How to Use NFC Tags with SONOFF Devices

You can use NFC Tags with SONOFF devices to set smart scenes, realizing one tap to trigger the scene you set. Stick it anywhere or carry it away on a card as you like. It can also be shared with your families or friends. Then they can use their phones to activate the scene, too.

Just imagine, when friends come to your house for a party, wouldn’t it be cool to enter the party mode with one tap? Put your phone close to the NFC Tag, then automatically help you close the curtain, turn on party lights, turn on AC, etc. And you can set several trigger actions, when you want to focus on your study or work, put your phone close to the tag you set scenes, one tap to turn on the humidifier, table lamp, or turn on the speaker to play some music. Then how to set the scenes with SONOFF devices? Let’s check below


How to Set Scenes

(1) First, open eWeLink APP, click ‘Scene’, then click ‘Add’ button to add a scene. On the ‘Set Trigger‘ page, click ‘NFC’, then hold your phone’s NFC area close to the tag to write information. After writing successfully, click ‘Add’ to enter the ‘Add Action’ page, then click ‘Smart Device’ to choose a device you want to perform.

set scene with NFC tag

(2) Set the action you’d like the device to perform, then click ‘Save’. You can also click ‘+’ to add several devices as needed. Finally set a ‘Scene Name’ for your scene and click ‘Save’. All steps are done. The setting scene will display on the APP ‘My scene’ page.

NFC TAG scene

How to Share with Families

Follow the steps below to invite your home member. Then the scene you set will display on the member’s APP page. ( NOTE: the member you invite needs to have an eWeLink account.)

share the scene

Home member cannot edit the scenes. But he can control the scene you set on the APP.👇 Share the NFC scene with your families through ‘invite home member’, then they can enjoy the NFC convenience as much as you. 

Learn more about SONOFF NFC Tag: http://sonoff.tech/product/accessories/sonoff-nfc-tag/

invite home member