Do you want to manage and control local Zigbee devices of NSPanel Pro in iHost, and automatically sync the Zigbee device status? We are thrilled to announce that the Paral-Sync Add-on has been released! Install Paral-Sync Add-on in iHost. Enable Add-on and scan NSPanel Pro in LAN, you can:

  • One-click synchronization of local Zigbee devices of NSPanel Pro to iHost, or automatically sync new devices to iHost
  • Support device status synchronization
  • Synchronize Zigbee devices to iHost for control and local home automation setup

SONOFF NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel. Your smart lights, switches, heaters, coolers, curtains, and all your smart devices can be controlled. An unlimited number of control devices, all in one panel.

NSPanel Pro can quickly add Zigbee devices on the screen in batches. Standard Zigbee 3.0 protocol makes the connection more stable and the coverage wider.

iHost Smart Home Hub is a private local server for your smart home system, It can not only realize the local connection and control of the devices and scene linkage, but also set smart security according to different scenes, and device data stays local & private.It supports connecting and controlling LAN devices. Run the device even if the Internet is down and manage up to 128 sub-devices, work with Zigbee router devices can extend the Zigbee network range and realize the control of the whole house.

iHost supports open API and Docker containerization. You can install or develop more Add-ons to make your smart life more convenient.

Now you can sync Zigbee devices in NSPanel Pro to iHost for local control and management through ‘Paral-Sync Add-on. Then how to achieve this? Let’s follow the following steps to set up.

Paral-Sync add-on must be installed in iHost to work.
The NSPanel Pro version must be 1.9.0 or above.

Installation Tutorial

  1. Search for Paral-Sync Add-on in iHost, add and install it.
  1. Run the Paral-Sync Add-on and enter the parameters.

Network: host

Volume: any volume /workspace/data

  1. Enter the address http://ihost.local:8322 or [iHost IP address]:8322 in your browser to access the Add-on UI page. Click ‘Get access token’ and go back to iHost page to confirm.

  1. Upgrade NSPanel Pro to version 1.9.0 and above. Make sure the NSPanel Pro that needs to be synchronized is connected to the same local network. The Add-on will automatically discover the NSPanel Pro devices.

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*If NSPanel Pro is not automatically discovered, you can manually enter the IP address of the NSPanel Pro to search.

  1. Follow the Guide to operate your NSPanel Pro. Click “Device name” 7 times in 10s in “Settings>About” on NSPanel Pro.
  1. Now you can sync the Zigbee sub-device in NSPanel Pro to iHost and control them.
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zbminil2 wiring
zbminil2 wiring

Then all the steps are finished, after syncing the Zigbee sub-devices in NSPanel Pro to iHost, you can control and manage them in NSPanel Pro and iHost at the same time.