How much do you know about ZigBee? You may hear about ZigBee before, but do you really understand what is ZigBee Technology and how it works? Let’s start a ZigBee journey together!

If you search what is ZigBee in Google, you may get the answer like ZigBee is a wireless technology standard that defines a set of communication protocols for short-range communications. But why do we need this short-range communication standard except for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth? ZigBee standard is specially built for sensor networks. The objective of this technology is to monitor and control devices. While both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi are not quite suitable for this specific application of wireless communication.

We have three types of ZigBee devices – coordinators, routers, and end devices. If you are a big fan of SONOFF, you may know about our ZigBee smart devices. Take SONOFF ZigBee bridge as an example, which acts as the root of the network. It is the most capable device among a bunch of ZigBee smart devices that starts the network originally. Our ZigBee bridge performs many tasks such as channel selection, ID assignation to network, address allocation to each device, and messages transformation among the network.  

Well, our newly released product, S26R2ZB, can act as the intermediate nodes between the coordinator and end devices. It also receives and stores messages intended for the end devices ( SNZB-01 smart wireless switchSNZB-02 temperature and humidity sensorSNZB-03 motion sensor, and SNZB-04 wireless door/window sensor). It can allow other routers and end devices to join the network.

You may doubt that whether our S26R2ZB can use other brands’ coordinators such as SmartThings Hub or Philips Hue smart hub. The exciting answer is Yes! SONOFF S26R2ZB is designed with ZigBee 3.0 protocol, with considerations for security, flexibility, and the ability to deploy to multiple regions. The ZigBee 3.0 protocol was created and ratified by member companies of the ZigBee Alliance (CSA). There are two main factors that help you to estimate whether your coordinator can support S26R2ZB. The key factor is that protocol compatibility. ZigBee 3.0 protocol has plenty of functional characteristics that help the developers to plan their coordinator and end devices. Another factor is App adaptation. SmartThings Hue smart hub is prototyped using ZigBee 3.0 protocol and their App can support our S26R2ZB.

Philips Hue smart hub is developed under the ZLL commission, which is a cluster of ZigBee 3.0 protocol. You can check this website for more Philips model numbers that can support S26R2ZB:

There are also some Amazon Alexa devices that have a built-in ZigBee smart hub. They also support S26R2ZB. They include Echo Studio, Echo (4th Gen), Echo Plus (model number: ZE39KL), 2nd Gen Echo Show (model number: DW84JL), and 2nd Gen Echo Plus (model number: L9D29R) allow you to directly interact with Alexa devices and control SONOFF S26R2ZB.

Our new product ZigBee 3.0 USB Dongle is also designed with ZigBee 3.0 protocol. With this newest protocol, more kinds of devices can be added using the App. You can insert ZigBee 3.0 USB Dongle into the computer or Raspberry Pi to organize your ZigBee devices after the corresponding configuration. In addition, you can create your own ZigBee mesh with Home Assistant or openHAB. This helps create more linkage control systems since all devices with ZigBee Alliance certification can communicate with each other.

S26R2ZB is a ZigBee smart plug with remote control, voice control, timing schedule, smart scene, sync status, and share control. With the timer and schedule functions, you can keep your daily life more orderly.

Moreover, the remote control allows you to switch devices on and off even if you are not at home. This may help you secure your home since you can use lights to create an illusion that someone is home. In addition, you can free your hands to switch on or off the traditional lighting and appliances with your voice, using Alexa or Google Assistant.

Have a try with our S26R2ZB and discover more unique features. Can’t wait to hear from you!