SONOFF ZBMINI Extreme Zigbee Smart Switch (No Neutral Required)


ZBMINIL2 or ZBMINI Extreme is a new product from SONOFF, a little different to the devices that SONOFF has accustomed us to seeing, both in terms of dimensions and connections.

ZBMINIL2 comes in a new colour: white with an orange stripe on the lower part where the terminals are positioned.

The package, which can be misleading because it is much larger than the ZBMINIL2 that is inside it, is orange with the main operating characteristics, compatibility with Google Home and Amazon Alexa and of course the logo written on it in addition to the name of the device and the eWeLink app:


In the package, we find the ZBMINIL2 and the user manual.

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Here are the specifications of ZBMINIL2:


Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz 6A max

Output: 100-240V 50/60Hz 6A max

Material: PC V0

Color: White-orange

Connection: Zigbee 3.0


Dimensions 39.5x32x18.4mm. The reduced dimensions compared to the classic MINI allow positioning in narrower spaces such as junction boxes or fruit holders. Let’s see it in comparison with the MINI:

The main feature of ZBMINL2 is the operation without directly connected neutral. In fact, as you can see from the photos, the terminal block, in addition to the usual S1 and S2 for commanding the device, has an input line terminal (L In) and an output line terminal (L Out), in practice the neutral is taken from the lamp to which is connected. But let’s see the connection diagram so as to understand better:

zbminil2 wiring

It is also possible to connect with the diverters:

ZBMINL2 can be connected to both switches and buttons, to select the use of one or the other just act on the small button at the top right and press it quickly three times, the flashing LED will indicate that the mode has been changed.

Connection to the eWeLink app is, as always, very simple and fast, remember that for ZBMINL2 to function, it needs a zigbee hub which can be Zigbee Bridge or NSPanel Pro but also a third-party ZB hub, such as the latest generation Amazon Echo.

In conclusion, I can say that ZBMINIL2 is a good product and with its characteristics, it can be functional and useful in various situations.

A short presentation video from SONOFF Youtube channel:

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