NSPanel Pro smart home control panel integrates all your devices and scenes for central control. On this panel, you can view camera monitoring, adjust light color temperature, room temperature, light colors, turn on/off lights, etc. Its version update log and FAQ are as follows. You can find the answer to your questions about this smart panel and learn more about it.

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Version Updates

V3.0.1(Apr. 15th, 2024)


1. Fix the problem of abnormal display of temperature and humidity on the home screen

2. Optimize the loading speed of the Notice center

3. Fix the abnormal situation after adding Matter device

V3.0.0(Mar. 15th, 2024)

New Updates:

1. New UI design. Support customizing the layouts and widgets of the home screen

2. Devices and scenes can be set on the same extended screen

3. Support two-way call with CAST App

4. Support adding Matter Light Switch and Matter Color Temperature Light

5. Boot animation updated

V2.4.0(Jan. 16th, 2024)

New Updates:

1. Support adding Matter bridges, and you can sync switch devices under the bridge to NSPanel Pro.

2. New language added: Latviešu

V2.3.0(Dec. 12th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support switching the temperature unit of thermostat, you can set it for ℃ or℉ in the App. 

2. Support adding Matter light devices.

3. When the Bluetooth function is turned on, the Bluetooth icon will be displayed in the upper right corner of the screen.

V2.2.0(Nov. 10th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support switching NSPanel Pro from Zigbee gateway mode to Zigbee router mode. Click ‘Device Settings–Pilot Features–Zigbee Mode’ in the APP to enable Zigbee router mode. After switching to a Zigbee router, you need to bind it with other gateways.

2. Multi-channel Matter switches and plugs added to NSPanel Pro support All ON and All OFF control.

3. Support setting SNZB-06P as a trigger device for smart security.

Note: *The APP needs to be upgraded to V 5.1.0 ( It’s expected to be available at the end of this month for iOS users. )

V2.1.0(Sept 26th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support SONOFF Zigbee Thermostatic Radiator Valve. You can switch on and off, switch between manual/automatic modes and adjust the target temperature on NSPanel Pro.

2. Optimize the screen swiping experience. It is more accurate when swiping down to enter settings and swiping left or right to switch screens.

3. Support GSM switch and socket equipment.

V2.0.0(Sept 12th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Supports as a Matter hub to add Matter-enabled devices to the eWeLink App. Currently supports switches and plugs.

2. Support Bluetooth connection to external devices such as speakers, and play music or alarm through external speakers.

3. Support synchronizing Philips lights to NSPanel Pro from the eWeLink APP.

4. ZBMINI-L and ZBMINIL2 can be selected as thermostat execution devices.


1. Thermostat function optimization. Improved temperature control accuracy, the minimum adjustable unit is 0.5; added ‘+’ and ‘-’ buttons; optimized thermostat interface.

Some new features require upgrading the APP to V 5.0 before they can be used.

V1.11.0(Aug 8th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support adding Zigbee monochromatic lights

2. You can turn off the device status push notification on NSPanel Pro. After turning it off, the push notification will not pop up on NSPanel Pro screen when the device status changes

3. Added laboratory function

V1.10.0(July 10th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support SONOFF TX Ultimate, you can control its on/off and ambient light mode on NSPanel Pro

2. Security mode supports more types of triggering devices

3. Support CAST pad. You can make voice calls with CAST pad through NSPanel Pro (CAST APP can be downloaded in the Android pad APP store)

4. RTSP camera can play real-time audio

5. Update the weather icon

6. Support connecting to WiFi without entering the password

7. Shorten the top window height of Webpages

8. The temperature unit switching in the weather forecast is synchronized with the temperature unit of the weather (Setting–Weather–Temp. Unit)

V1.9.0(June 8th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Added 11 new languages, namely Indonesian, Catalan, Danish, Croatian, Slovak, Finnish, Bulgarian, Hebrew, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. There are currently 32 languages available in NSPanel Pro.

2. Support SNZB-01P, SNZB-02P.

3. The OTA time of  Zigbee sub-devices in NSPanel Pro is extended to 30 minutes.

4. Support control the Groups shared from the App in NSPanel Pro.

V1.8.0(May 9th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Guest Mode – After turning on the Guest Mode on the APP, you can only control the device on NSPanel Pro, and cannot perform other settings (such as adding devices, setting a timer, etc.). This feature requires eWeLink App to be updated to V4.32.0.

2. Unlock with Passcode – You can choose direct control or passcode control in the APP. After setting the passcode, you need to enter the correct passcode to use NSPanel Pro. This feature requires eWeLink App to be updated to V4.32.0.

3. Optimize the Firmware Update Mechanism – When a new firmware is detected, you can check the firmware download process through the download progress bar in About–Software Update.

4. Added S40TPA and S40TPB as thermostat executive devices.

V1.7.0(April 12rd, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support display Temp. & Humi. data from other temperature sources on the main screen.

2. Support always-on display – Set ‘Never’ Auto-Lock in ‘Settings-Display’.

3. Support Homebridge, allowing you to sync the Zigbee sub-devices in NSPanel Pro to Homebridge, and control them in the Home App.

4. Support Node-RED, allowing you to manage and control devices through “nodes” and “flows”.

5. Support switching between 24-hour and 12-hour formats.

6. Added six new languages: Afrikaans, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Vietnamese, and Thai.

V1.6.0(Mar 13rd, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Zigbee sub-devices support timer feature, and some Zigbee devices support OTA

2. Support S31, POWR3, POW Elite, POW Origin, TH Elite, TH Origin as the execution device in the thermostat

3. Thermostat can be set as the executive action in smart scene, including turning on/off the thermostat, switching manual/automatic mode


1. Optimize the login steps, you can go to the Wi-Fi settings on the scan code page

2. Modify the boot animation

V1.5.4(Feb 14th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support adding eWeLink-Remote sub-devices in APP, can be used as eWeLink-Remote gateway


1. Shorten boot time

V1.5.2(Jan 12th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support SPM-4Relay, RFBridge, iFan04-L/iFan04-H

2. Add a ‘Feedback’ button in the settings

V1.5.1(Jan 6th, 2023)

New Updates:

1. Support ‘timer’ as a trigger condition in Zigbee local scene

2. Support displaying the temperature and humidity graphs of TH Origin and TH Elite in the Thermostat

V1.5.0(Dec 10th, 2022)

New Updates:

1. Added Webpages function, which can save webpage links in the APP and access them on NSPanel Pro

2. Added panel-to-panel voice call function, call another NSPanel Pro of the same account through NSPanel Pro at any time

3. Support clicking the weather icon to check the weather forecast for the next 7 days

4. Add execution actions in smart scene – setting the Security Mode and Screen Status in APP smart scene

5. Support setting multi-screen device lists and scene lists, and name them individually

6. Support viewing the energy consumption data of the past 7 days on Device Consumption

V1.4.0(Nov 8th, 2022)

New Updates:

1. Support voice calls to NSPanel Pro via eWeLink APP

2. Support SONOFF NSPanel Smart Scene Wall Switch

3. Support all models of SONOFF light strips


1. Optimize RTSP camera screen display, the screen ratio can be set to 4:3 or 16:9

2. The manual mode of the thermostat adds the function of locking the swipe bar, and the temperature cannot be changed after locking

3. Optimize mDNS function

V1.3.2(Sept 29th, 2022)

New Updates:

1. Support two-way sync between NSPanel Pro and Home Assistant devices, you can sync Zigbee sub-devices from NSPanel Pro to HA, as well as sync lights and switches on HA to NSPanel Pro.

2. Support adding MINIR3 and POW Elite.

3. Devices shared from others will display the share icon.

4. When updating to a new version, the version information prompt will pop up.


V1.3.1(Sept 16th, 2022)

New Updates:

  1. Added the custom wallpaper function, which supports uploading pictures in the APP as the wallpaper of NSPanel Pro
  2.  Added the Device Consumption function, you can view the weekly power consumption.
  3.  Support manual configuration, in the Screen Settings, you can choose whether to display the Smart Scenes, Thermostat, Device Consumption page on NSPanel Pro.


  1. Optimized the thermostat function to support more temperature sources
  2.  The group you set will display the group icon on the panel

V1.3.0(Aug 30th, 2022)

New Updates:

  1. Support viewing Zigbee sensor temperature and humidity data for a day/week
  2. Compatible with YEELIGHT two-color, RGB, and five-color lights, you can sync the YEELIGHT lights added in eWeLink APP to NSPanel Pro
  3. Support SONOFF iPlug Wi-Fi Smart Plug – S40, you can check the devices power consumption recorded by S40
  4. Preview the volume while adjusting the system volume
  5. Added four new languages: German, Polish, Swedish, Ukrainian

V1.2.1(Aug 10th, 2022)

New Updates:

  1. Support smart temperature control, automatically or manually adjust the room temperature
  2. Compatible with Philips Hue Zigbee lights, IKEA Zigbee lights

V1.2.0(July 30th, 2022)

New Updates:

  1. Compatible with RTSP cameras
  2. Added “Theme”, you can change the wallpaper of NSPanel Pro
  3. Added “Timer” function, you can set a countdown with NSPanel Pro
  4. Support as the execution device in the scene, used as a doorbell
  5. Support adding TH10, TH16, TH Elite, TH Origin, DUALR3, DUALR3 Lite


1. Optimized the screen sliding experience

V1.1.0(July 7th, 2022)

New Updates:

  1. Support adding DIY cameras, currently support Espressif ESP32 Camera
  2. Added alarm clock function
  3. Support group control
  4. The scene belongs to which family is displayed in Manual Scene


Q. Which Zigbee sub-devices can be added to NSPanel Pro?

A. It supports all SONOFF Zigbee devices and other brands’ devices with Zigbee 3.0 standard protocol.

Q. How does it work with Home Assistant?

A. Sync the devices from Home Assistant to eWeLink App through add-on, then add the Home Assistant’s devices to the panel by adding widgets. It will be available in V1.4.0.

Q. What kinds of cameras does NSPanel Pro support?

A. NSPanel Pro supports adding four types of cameras: SONOFF Camera, RTSP Camera, ESP32 Camera and eWeLink Camera app.

Q. What new features will be supported in the future?

A. We plan to update features such as Power Consumption Graph, Customize Wallpaper, and Call Intercom. Home Assistant, Matter, and eWeLink-Remote will also be supported in the future. You can check for updates in the planning timeline.

Q. Does NSPanel Pro have relays?

A. It doesn’t have the relay. NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel.

Q. Does NSPanel Pro support Matter?

A. It will support Matter in 2023. Please wait for our future update.

Q. Does NSPanel Pro have US size?

A. No. You can use NSPanel Pro on a desktop with the Enclosure Stand. We plan to design a frame suitable for the US mounting box to install on the wall. Welcome to discuss it in our official mall comment section.

Q. Is the NSPanel Pro Android system or source code open-sourced?

A. The Android OS source code of NSPanel Pro comes from Rockchip, which is restricted by NDA and commercial license terms, thus, it is not public or open-sourced. However, we may publish the schematic diagram of NSPanel Pro for your secondary development if you are able to get related development documentation or source code of the Rockchip PX30 chip from Rockchip support or others.

Q. Are my Zigbee devices supported by NSPanel Pro?

A. NSPanel Pro is compatible with all the SONOFF Zigbee devices as it has a built-in standard Zigbee3.0 protocol gateway, theoretically, it’s also compatible with other brands of standard Zigbee 3.0 router/end devices.

Q. Can I install third-party apps in NSPanel Pro?

A. Installation of third-party apps is not supported. The OS is a special version of the Android platform that only allows for running a single application.