NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel for home automation, you can centrally manage your smart devices and scenes on this panel, such as adjust light colors, room temperature, view camera monitoring, and even view webpages on this panel. It can also be used as a doorbell, alarm and intercom.

As for its compatibility, it works with Home Assistant, supports syncing switches and lights devices from Home Assistant to the panel for control through eWeLink add-on, also supports syncing devices on the panel to Home Assistant. It’s compatible with smart lights from other manufacturers, such as Philips Hue, IKEA, YEELIGHT. And it will support Matter ecosytem, allowing devices of different brands to interact with each other and work in a single home automation system.

Let’s take a full look at what this panel can do.

NSPanel Pro Beginner’s Guide

Comprehensive User Guide for NSPanel Pro! You’ll learn how to wire and install it, sync devices and scenes from the APP, pair Zigbee devices to the panel, and set home security modes to meet your different needs.

Also, shows you how to add smart cameras, you can view the camera live and remote talk on the panel at any time. And custom wallpaper function allows you to switch your favorite wallpapers as you like.

How to Add Four Types of Smart Cameras

NSPanel Pro can work with smart cameras to guard your home. Not only can sync SONOFF cameras and eWeLink Camera to the panel, but also compatible with other brands cameras supporting RTSP and ESP32-CAM. Watch the video to learn how to add the smart camera.👇

Two-way Sync Tutorial between NSPanel Pro and Home Assistant

NSPanel Pro works with Home Assistant,you can sync Zigbee sub-devices from NSPanel Pro to Home Assistant, as well as sync lights and switches on Home Assistant to NSPanel Pro. Follow the video guide

Voice Call Function

NSPanel Pro allows you tovoice call another NSPanel Pro of the same eWeLink account if your family fails to answer your phone call in time.And you can also use your phone to call NSPanel Pro. Follow the video guide to learn how to use this function.

Act as A Doorbell

NSPanel Pro can work with smart cameras ( not only SONOFF ) to protect your home. Adding SNZB-01 ZigBee Wireless Switch and CAM Slim smart camera to the panel, and set a scene to alarm. Then you can check the visitor outside the door on the panel and talk to him. Let’s watch the video to learn more!

Act as A Zigbee Hub

SONOFF NSPanel Pro is not just a panel, but a Zigbee gateway that you can connect all your Zigbee devices to this panel. Set a scene to guard your home, once the sensor is triggered, the panel will alarm, and you will receive a notification alert on the phone. You can also arm, disarm, and switch security modes with one click on the main display of the panel. Learn this feature here👇

Webpages Browsing

NSPanel Pro allows you to view web pages, save the links on the APP, then you can access them on this panel, watch World Cup⚽, play music🎵or reading.

How to Upload Wallpaper

NSPanel Pro can change wallpapers according to the weather, and also support custom wallpaper. Design and upload your own wallpaper, family, pets, game or anime themes? Personalize your panel wallpaper! Learn how to upload👇

Smart Temperature Control

NSPanel Pro can act as a thermostat, automatically keep a suitable room temperature for the baby. You can also change the thermostat’s settings with a single touch on the screen at any time. Choose the external temperature source and excution device to form your own thermostat.

Works with Third-party Zigbee Sensors

NSPanel Pro works with Zigbee sensors from other manufacturers. Let’s take a look

Check whether your devices are compatible with NSPanel Pro here:👉

Works with Third-party Bulbs

NSPanel Pro can work with Philips Hue, IKEA and YEELIGHT Zigbee bulbs. You can turn on / off them and adjust the colors accurately at any time on the panel. Easy to control and manage your home lighting. Then how to add them to this smart panel? Let’s follow the video guide

Real-time Monitoring and Two-way Audio

Does something always disturb you like this 👇when you want to focus on your work or study? NSPanel Pro works with smart cameras to solve the trouble. Real-time monitoring and two-way audio allow you to talk to the courier outside the door without walking to the door.

NSPanel Pro HTTP API Document

More features are continuously updated… Stay tuned😝