In the realm of smart home technology, compatibility and versatility are key. M5 Matter is a Matter-enabled smart wall switch designed to elevate your home automation experience. 1 to 3 gang for you to choose from, and available in Type 80/86/120. With its seamless integration across various smart home ecosystems and rich functionality, M5 Matter empowers you to tailor your smart living environment to fit your unique needs. Let’s dive into its features and discover how M5 Matter seamlessly interacts with your smart home system to transform your home into a smart living hub.

Seamless Integration with Matter Ecosystem

M5 Matter effortlessly bridges the gap between different smart home ecosystems, thanks to its Matter-enabled compatibility. Whether you’re an Alexa, Google Home, or Apple Home enthusiast, M5 Matter seamlessly integrates with your preferred platform, ensuring a cohesive smart home experience. Working with other brands’ devices becomes a breeze, allowing you to curate a personalized smart life tailored to your preferences.

Three Control Options

Enjoy unparalleled control over your home lighting with M5 Matter’s three versatile control options. Whether it’s physical button control, App remote control via the eWeLink App, or voice control with popular assistants like Alexa, Google Home, Apple Siri, and Alice, M5 Matter puts the power in your hands – or should we say, your voice. Manage your devices effortlessly from anywhere, ensuring peace of mind even when you’re on the go.

LAN Control for Uninterrupted Connectivity

Say goodbye to connectivity woes with M5 Matter’s LAN control feature. As a Matter-certified device supporting local communication within your home network, M5 Matter delivers fast response times and unparalleled stability. Even in suboptimal server network conditions, rest assured that M5 Matter will continue to operate seamlessly within your local network, keeping your smart home running smoothly.

eWeLink-Remote to Reach Two-way Control

Elevate your control capabilities with M5 Matter’s eWeLink-Remote gateway function. Pair it with devices like R5 or S-MATE/S-MATE2 to achieve two-way control by setting smart scenes for both the eWeLink-Remote gateway and its sub-devices. You can then control the same light via M5 Matter and its sub-devices. Experience enhanced flexibility and convenience in managing your smart home ecosystem.

Smart Scene for Ultimate Convenience

Take your smart home to the next level with M5 Matter’s smart scene feature. Create intelligent linkages with devices like the DW2-WiFi door sensor to automate actions such as turning on lights when doors are opened. Schedule routines for M5 Matter to control lights automatically, ensuring that your home adapts to your lifestyle seamlessly. Use M5 Matter with other devices to explore more automated scenes to suit your needs.


With M5 Matter Smart Wall Switch, the possibilities are endless. Seamlessly integrated, intelligently controlled, and designed to enhance your smart living experience, M5 Matter is the ultimate solution for modern homes. Explore its features, unlock its potential, and transform your home into a haven of innovation and convenience.

Its features vary on different platforms. Check out the chart below: