With the rapid development of the digital era, our users expect products to not only make strides in functionality but also provide a brand-new experience in interface design. In the latest version of NSPanel Pro, we’ve not only upgraded functionalities but also comprehensively optimized the user interface. This article will dive into these UI changes and demonstrate how they create a superior experience for users. Let’s check out what’s NEW in V3.0.0 UI and how to make good use of it.



Home Screen

  • Fixed layout
  • Fixed widgets

  • 12 different layouts
  • Customizable widgets

Extended Screen

  • Devices and scenes need to be displayed on different pages.
  • Display up to 4 devices or scenes on one page.

  • Devices and scenes can be displayed on the same pages.
  • Display up to 9 devices or scenes on one page.

What’s NEW in V3.0.0 UI

To simplify user interaction, our dedicated R&D team has meticulously designed 12 different layouts for the home screen, each tailored to cater to diverse user preferences and habits. This customization empowers you to select the layout that aligns seamlessly with your unique usage patterns. From here, the possibilities are boundless.

Instant Control at Your Fingertips

Experience unparalleled convenience with instant access to device control right from the home screen. By eliminating unnecessary elements and integrating related functions, the user interface becomes more intuitive, allowing users to accomplish tasks faster and reducing the click times. Whether you want to initiate a voice call, monitor real-time camera feeds, activate away mode, adjust curtains, light up your space, or even brew a fresh cup of coffee, accomplishing these tasks is now effortlessly achievable with just a single tap on your NSPanel Pro home screen.

You can customize the widgets for your NSPanel Pro home screen. Set Devices, Scenes, Extended Screens, Voice Call, Smart Security, Live Cameras, Webpages, etc as widgets on the home screen for instant control.

Streamlined Device Management:

Effortlessly manage your devices with a simple tap. Whether it’s adjusting lighting, controlling temperature, or managing appliances, the NSPanel Pro home screen puts the power of control directly at your fingertips.

Seamless Scene Activation:

Transform your living space with pre-configured scenes that cater to your lifestyle. From “Movie Night” ambiance to “Good Morning” routines, activate your preferred scenes instantly to create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion.

Extended Screen Integration:

Expand your control horizon with extended screens, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and management of multiple devices and systems from a single interface. Effortlessly navigate between screens to access critical information and functionalities.

Effortless Communication with Voice Calls:

Stay connected with loved ones through integrated voice call functionality. Initiate calls directly from your NSPanel Pro, ensuring seamless communication without the need for additional devices.

Advanced Security Features for Peace of Mind:

Enhance your home’s security with smart security widgets, enabling instant access to surveillance feeds, alarm systems, and door locks for unparalleled peace of mind, whether you’re at home or away.

Real-time Camera Monitoring:

Keep a watchful eye on your property with live camera feeds accessible directly from your home screen. Monitor your surroundings in real-time, ensuring the safety and security of your home and loved ones.

Quick Access to Webpages:

Navigate the digital landscape effortlessly with quick access to your favorite webpages directly from your NSPanel Pro’s home screen. Stay informed, entertained, and connected with a simple tap.

Explore New Features in V3.0.0

For a comprehensive overview of the groundbreaking features introduced in V3.0.0, delve into our detailed article highlighting the latest innovations in the NSPanel Pro. Discover how these enhancements not only redefine smart home control but also elevate your daily living experience to unprecedented levels of comfort and convenience.


With an array of customizable widgets at your disposal, NSPanel Pro V3.0.0 empowers users to tailor their smart home experience to their unique preferences and needs. From device management to scene activation and security, every aspect of home automation is seamlessly integrated for unparalleled convenience and control.