“Alexa…”, “Alexa…”. Really tiring to speak to Amazon’s virtual assistant for each voice command to turn on or off the light in succession. Well, one of the most powerful features of Amazon’s virtual assistant is called “Routine” in Amazon Alexa app. Routine can help users execute a series of various actions using a single voice command, time schedule, even an action and so on.

However, how to set up Alexa Routines and create a voice command or an action that triggers multiple actions? This indeed takes a bit of work and creativity.

In this guide, I will make a Routine for SONOFF DW2-WiFi Door/Window Sensor and Philips Hue smart bulb in Alexa app. Here’s everything you need to know if you want to make your own.

Preparatory Stuffs

Amazon Alexa app*1

Philips Hue app*1

eWeLink app*1

SONOFF DW2-WiFi sensor*1

Philips Hue smart bulb*1

Echo Show*1

Alexa Routine Setup

  1. To create a Routine, download the app “Amazon Alexa”, “Philips Hue” and “eWeLink” app on Android or iOS device.
  2. Add SONOFF DW2-WiFi door sensor in eWeLink app (Click HERE to check the detailed pairing method), then go to “+” on the home page of eWeLink app to tap “Link Account” >> “Link” on Amazon Alexa.
  3. Search “eWeLink Smart Home” in the device brand and enable the skill to blind your eWeLink and Alexa account.
  4. Open Alexa app, access “More” in the lower-right corner, and select “Routines”. To add a new Routine, hit the “+” icon on “Create Routine”.
  5. Tap the “+” icon on “Enter routine name” to name the “Routine”.
  6. Tap the “+” “icon on When this happens” to set up your Trigger.

7. Select “Smart Home”, after you add SONOFF DW2-WiFi door sensor in eWeLink app, at this time you will see it automatically exists in “CHPPSE DEVICE”. Tap on it and select “Open”, then hit “Next” in the top-right corner. Then, Tap the “+” on “Add action” to add select the action to go with it.

8. Select “Smart Home” and tap on “Lights”. After you pair Philips Hue smart bulb with Philips Hue app, at this time you will see it automatically exists in “SMART HOME”. Tap on it and hit “Next” in the top-right corner.

9. Check “Power”, enable the button “On”. Hit “Next” in the top-right corner and proceed to hit “Save”. Now the Routine is set up successfully.

That’s it.  With Alexa Routine, you will automate your home to turn on the light as soon as you open the door in the evening.  Even you can set up a Routine to create a presence simulation measure against burglars that when burglars open your door, the light is turned on to keep them away.