SONOFF smart devices have been incorporated into Samsung SmartThings app for automated control in your home for the first time.

A lot of smart devices come together to make the home automation market plentiful, like smart bulbs, smart plugs, smart thermostats, smart door locks… For the smart-home enthusiast with a pile of smart devices, it really couldn’t be more perfect for them to get their connected devices automated with a smart control center with strong compatibility. SONOFF brings a great home automation experience and keeps your connected devices interacted in your home via eWeLink previously. eWeLink is an excellent smart home solution in its own way, but what makes SmartThings superior is its inclusivity.

To further diversify your smart home way and make it easier for you to control the connected devices, SONOFF has closely teamed up with Samsung SmartThings to ensure your SONOFF devices seamlessly communicate with SmartThings app.

This is a product list for SONOFF smart devices that works with SmartThings:

Which SONOFF devices work with SmartThings?

Samsung SmartThings, a comprehensive smart home ecosystem that covers hundreds of smart devices of different brands. SmartThings control center allows you to run the connected devices, talk to all of your smart devices, get them interacted with one another. If you have invested in smart devices compatible with SmartThings, and SONOFF works with your home appliances simultaneously, now you can control all those home appliances directly via SmartThings app.

How to connect SONOFF to SmartThings?

This process is quite simpler and streamlined to set up. All connection and setup happen on SmartThings app. Simply launch the app and follow the steps below to set up:
1. Navigate to the “” on the top left corner homepage and access the “Devices” type, then tap “Add new device”.

2. Choose “By brand” in the “Add device page” and enter “eWeLink”, then select the corresponding device type for the device you want to control in SmartThings app.
*The above all SONOFF devices can be added on SmartThings via the device type of “Lighting” or “Switch/Dimmer”.

3. Access to “eWeLink Smart Home”. Then you will be required to enter the corresponding “Location” and “Room”. After entering, tap “Next” and you will be jumped to the eWeLink account login page, simply finish them and tap log in. It may take a few minutes to bind SmartThings and eWeLink Smart Home.

4.  After binding successfully, all SONOFF devices that have connected with eWeLink will be synced to SmartThings. Now you can remotely turn on/off, schedule on/off SONOFF devices or set a countdown to make them automatically turn on/off.
*You can also access “History” in the device control page to check the history record, and access the … in the top right corner of the current page to rename the device.

How to set up Automations?

Automation is a function to make your smart smarter which allows you to get any of your devices connected together to create an automation. In automations, the device is triggered based on one or more conditions and actions. Both of the condition and action include device status control (turn on or off devices), device status notification (notification and text message reminding and voice alert), scene trigger (Keep linkage with your preset scenes) and the location of you (Away, Home and Night mode are available to choose from), so you can select any one in condition and action to create your automation based on your lifestyle.

1. Navigate to the “” on the top left corner homepage and access “Automations” type, then tap “Add new device”.

2.Add the condition and action respectively, then tap “Done” and you will see the “Automation” has been created.
*You can add one or more conditions and actions for the Automations simultaneously.

How to set up Scenes?

Scenes setup is to make up for automations that is although you create an automation to control your SONOFF devices, you can’t trigger a group of SONOFF devices to turn on or off, so it’s worth setting up a scene in SmartThings app. Scenes give you the ability to control multiple smart devices with a single tap in SmartThings app.

1. Navigate to the “” on the top left corner homepage and access “Scenes” type, then tap “Add scene”.

2. Name the scene and add an action. Then you have two options for the action. Here we take “Control devices” as an example to create the scene. Select a device that you want to control and the status that is required to access, and save.

3. Like the Automations, you can also add more than one action. Then you can go back to the homepage to check the scene that you created.

Additionally, if you want to create a scene that makes all of these added devices turn on or off simultaneously with a single tap, simply add the scene into your Automation to get all your lights turned on with one-button tap.
Same setup with Automations, but you need to select “Run scenes” as the action when you add an action in Automation. Then save it and you can go back to the homepage and check the setup.

Here, there are some tips you may need to know. Before using, you eWeLink app should be updated to at least V4.0. For the device that was shared to you which can not be synced into SmartThings from eWeLink. If you delete the device on eWeLink, it will be removed synchronously on SmartThings; while the device is deleted on SmartThings will be not removed synchronously from eWeLink.

SmartThings has a wide compatibility to keep interaction with a lot of smart devices. SONOFF, as a new cooperative partner, is dedicated to making our users easily access their smart home. Now you can set up your SmartThings app to get SONOFF devices to communicate with your home appliances to build a smart home based on SmartThings in a new way.

What’s more, partnered with AlexaGoogle HomeAlice and IFTTT platform to aid manage and control your home by answering questions and performing tasks, SONOFF offers quite polished smart controls for smart home devices that allow you to easily access the app remote control, voice control and scene triggering of your connected devices. The collaboration with all of these platforms further paves the way for SONOFF smart devices in the cutting-edge smart home market.