Dear Valued SONOFF Customers,

As we reflect on our journey that began eight years ago, SONOFF has been unwavering in its commitment to innovation and quality. We never anticipated facing the challenge that confronts us today, a testament to our years of hard work and also a grave test of our resolve. At this juncture, we extend our heartfelt gratitude for your continuous support and trust. However, we now face a serious issue that demands immediate attention.

Recently, we have identified a surge of sophisticated counterfeit products in the market. These imitations, deceptively similar in appearance to SONOFF’s genuine products, are neither authorized by SONOFF nor do they meet our high standards of quality and safety. We understand your stringent requirements for product quality and are issuing this notice to assist you in recognizing and avoiding these counterfeits.

Specifically, the SONOFF MINIR2 product has been targeted by counterfeiters, with a significant influx of these imitations into the market. Investigations have revealed that a seller named “” on the Shopee platform is among those distributing these counterfeits. Despite their convincing exterior, subtle discrepancies such as non-conforming quick guides and the absence of brand information upon device pairing are telltale signs of their counterfeit nature.

How to Respond and Identify Counterfeits

  1. Actions Taken: SONOFF has reported this issue to the eWeLink platform, requesting their assistance in halting these unlawful infringements. The platform is in the process of locking out these illegal counterfeits and, in accordance with their service terms, will cease to provide cloud services to devices infringing on our brand, ensuring the protection of SONOFF’s legal rights and our users’ safety.
  2. Identification Methods:
    • Content Comparison: Although counterfeit packaging may look similar, the contents, such as the quick guide, do not match our official standards. Official guides can be compared by downloading them from SONOFF’s official product pages.

Official Guides: SONOFF User Manuals

Official Product Details: SONOFF Products

    • APP Information: Upon connecting the device to eWeLink, check the device settings page for SONOFF brand and product name, ID, and other information.
    • Pairing Errors: Devices displaying error code “6000” during pairing may be counterfeit. If in doubt, please contact SONOFF customer service for guidance.
    • eWeLink APP Usability: Devices that go offline due to cloud service cessation in the app are likely counterfeit.
    • Counterfeit Sales Channels: Based on customer reports, shops like “Shopee—” have been confirmed to sell counterfeit MINIR2 products. If you’ve purchased from such stores, you might have a counterfeit and should contact the seller for claims. SONOFF will continue to update on shops selling counterfeits based on customer feedback to aid in vigilant selection.
  1. Risks of Counterfeits: Using untested counterfeits poses safety risks, underperformance, and ineligibility for our warranty services.
  2. SONOFF’s Commitment: We are combating counterfeits through legal measures to protect our brand and consumer interests, continuously offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service.
  3. Join Us in Oversight: We strongly urge you to partner with SONOFF in overseeing the market and fighting against counterfeit products. Should you acquire a counterfeit SONOFF product from any other source, we implore you to report it immediately using the contact details provided below. Upon confirmation of your report, we will honor your vigilance with a reward.

In conclusion, we urge all consumers to remain vigilant and purchase products through official and authorized channels to ensure a genuine SONOFF experience. Should you suspect a counterfeit purchase, please contact us immediately. We are fully committed to providing the necessary support.

Official and Authorized Channels: SONOFF Where to Buy
We are immensely grateful for your trust and support in SONOFF.

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Together, let’s protect the integrity of genuine products and foster a safe, reliable smart home environment.