For anybody with busy tasks and schedules, it’s tough to always maintain a home organized. However, with SONOFF smart home devices and its coupled smart app “eWeLink”, you don’t have to do it alone!

Imagine that you wake up to the window curtain open, the light brightens when you enter the living room, and your coffee already brewing. When you finish the day’s work, you just give a click on the keyboard to turn off the light without disturbing others at night, and you still immerse yourself in the day’s work at the dusk and don’t wanna move to the switch to turn on the light, and want to make good use of your one old Android phones to monitor the everything that happened in the baby’s room, living room and front porch. This is a smart life that the combination of SONOFF smart home devices and eWeLink smart App brings to you.

The flexibility of eWeLink App makes SONOFF smart devices nicely suitable for every home, furthermore, the eWeLink Advanced Plan provides you extensive possibilities to meet your need of utilizing SONOFF devices to manager your home better, and expand the capacity on scenes, groups, shared users and homes.

If you landed on this guide, you might wonder what else SONOFF smart home devices can do exactly in eWeLink Advanced Plan.

Control SONOFF Smart Devices Based on A Web Browser

While on the work in the evening, you want to keep your passion with the day’s work but might not want to leave your seat to remotely turn on the office’s supplement light. It will be convenient if you can get it activated on your PC or computer.

In eWeLink Advanced Plan, it’s a piece of cake. The eWeLink web is a free tool that gives you remote access to your light connected to SONOFF smart devices on a large screen through PC, computer and tablets. Get your lights or home appliances connected to SONOFF smart devices, and you can check the device’s status, turn on or off it or trigger smart scenes to activate more devices directly on the web page. If SONOFF smart switch connected to your lights features power monitoring, like POWR2, the real-time power consumption can be viewed to help you estimate your electricity bill, furthermore, you can download the historical data of power consumption that you will have a good understanding of your electricity usage.

Works with IFTTT

To provide more powerful features, eWeLink Advance Plan include the creative tool – IFTTT that makes everything work perfectly together. It allows you to customize Applets down to the details. Most importantly, IFTTT provides you a possibility that enables you to seamlessly connect SONOFF devices and your favorite apps, services and platforms to trigger response, exploring a remarkable smart home experience with a simple no code/low code interface.

There are millions of existing use cases in IFTTT to serve you, such as triggering SONOFF smart bulbs based on your location, having the light strip turn on when the front door is unlocked and the coffee maker connected with S26 smart plug starts brewing when an alarm goes off on your Amazon Echo, and closing your garage door when it’s rainy outside, and so on. Simply create your own automation or turn on an existing one to get IFTTT to do more with the services you favorite.

Controlled by More Keyboard Shortcuts

A phrase, a text, or a number in IFTTT would easily flow from your fingertips to eWeLink App that allows you to manage your home on a mini screen. In the eWeLink Advanced Plan, you will discover a quick way to quickly perform many common actions with a single press. This means you can save yourself a series of launching and tapping by creating the custom “eWeLink keyboard shortcuts” for PC or Mac to trigger a group of lights or other small home appliances in your home.

How does the eWeLink keyboard shortcut work with SONOFF smart devices and your home appliances? Before using the keyboard shortcut to execute a light on or off, you need to manually create a smart scene for the light on eWeLink App, next you may assign the manual scene with the keys in the “eWeLink Keyboard” dashboard, then simply press the keyboard shortcut to control the light. Up to 6 keyboard shortcuts can be created in the eWeLink Advanced Plan.

For the elaborate guide to control SONOF smart devices using the keyboard shortcut, you can refer to this here to set up.

Make the Best of More Than One Old Phone for DIY Cameras

Is there an unused Android phone in your home? Wanna know who enters your house? Or want to know whether your baby sleeps well? It’s time to upcycle it – Turn your old phone into a security camera to view what happened in your home.

With the eWeLink Camera App on your old phone, you can remotely monitor your baby and everything that happened in your home through eWeLink App. For instance, when someone intrudes into your home (SONOFF DW2-WiFi door sensor is used as the first safety line for your door), you will be reminded with a push alarm whilst you can instantly know whether this intruder is an uninvited guest or your family via the phone (camera). Plus, the video can be viewed on Echo Show and Google Next Hub. For the eWeLink Advanced Plan, web-based playing is available.

Scale the Capacity for More Features

In the eWeLink free plan, despite the number of homes, rooms, scenes, groups and shared devices that SONOFF devices support has got most of the users covered that has provided users a smoothly smart home experience. There are still demands from some users who run a small hotel or tavern that they need to turn on considerable groups of lights in the morning and off them off at the night simultaneously, so it looks 200 groups in the eWeLink Advanced Plan is ideally suitable. In addition, if more than 20 staffs are employed in your restaurant or tavern, you may meet such a case that you just permit them to turn on or off the lights instead of other any feature. eWeLink Advanced Plan is involved into up to 100 shared users to only perform the action that you authorized, no worry about the privacy issue on your devices.

Thinking about experiencing the features above in your line of SONOFF smart home? Start your first step be with the eWeLink Advanced Plan. If more needs or features, leave your comment and we’ll evaluate further and help you implement into your SONOFF smart home model.

If you want to learn more about the eWeLink Advanced Plan, quickly visit here to get started.