Your Reliable and Peaceful
Irrigation Assistant

SONOFF Zigbee Smart Water Valve

*The Zigbee hub is needed.

Easy Installation, Smart Irrigation

Simply connect the Zigbee Smart Water Valve between the faucet and the hose to quickly upgrade your irrigation system in just three minutes, automatically watering your lawn, garden, vegetable patch, and more.

Are You Troubled by…?

Customize Suitable Irrigation Plans

The Zigbee Smart Water Valve features schedule mode and capacity mode, supporting both single and cyclic irrigation. Allow you to provide more targeted care for your home plants or crops.

Meets Various Needs

Daily Irrigation

Lawn irrigation

Large Scale use of water

Pool Filling

Metered Watering

Vegetable Planting

Meet Different Methods

Just a Touch to Irrigation

Busy with other tasks or traveling and unable to tend to your lawn in the morning? Open the eWeLink app, tap a button, and start today’s irrigation immediately.

Effortless Automation Timed Irrigation

Don’t want to wake up early to irrigate on weekends and just want to sleep in? Set a smart scene for the Zigbee Smart Water Valve to irrigate automatically in the early morning, making your life easier.

A Simple Voice to Control

Supports voice control through Alexa and Google Home. A
simple voice command can close the water valve when you
think it’s about to rain outside

Peace of Mind from Every Way

Working Together
for Smart Irrigation

You can use multiple Zigbee Smart Water Valves to work together, setting different irrigation modes for various areas of your home, and creating a personalized smart irrigation system.

Track Water Data for 180 Days

Support checking up to 180 days of water usage and duration through the app. Understand daily, weekly, or monthly data to better control irrigation amounts and save more on water bills.

Expand Capabilities on Open-Source Platforms

The Zigbee Smart Water Valve supports Zigbee 3.0. Integrate it into open-source platforms via ZBDongle-P or ZBDongle-E to perform automatic irrigation functions.