ZB Bridge


ZigBee Bridge & ZigBee Sensors and Wireless Switch

SONOFF ZigBee Bridge, a “bridge” between ZigBee and Wi-Fi devices. Can match SONOFF ZigBee multiple sensors for more smart scenes.

Make ZigBee and Wi-Fi Devices Interact

Whether Wi-Fi or ZigBee your devices support, now you can control them together on eWeLink APP via the Bridge.

Strong Connectivity, Limitless Possibility

The Bridge supports to add ZigBee devices that SONOFF has released, like S31 Lite ZigBee smart plug and BASICZBR3 DIY smart switch, making your home smarter.

Long-distance Signal Transmission

Worry-free that the ZigBee signal quality is affected by the wall. Add a plug-in sub-device on the Bridge and it can act as a router to ensure communication between the Bridge and the battery-powered sub-device.

Pairing Quicker, Waiting Less

Hands-free Control from Smart Assistants

Turn on/off ZigBee devices or ask for the temperature or humidity with your voice? Connect Alexa or Google Home to simplify your daily life.

A “Removable” Control Helper

Pairs SONOFF SNZB-01 Wireless Switch and the Bridge, you can control the connected blinds via the switch in any corner of home.

Deliver the Comfort of Home

Connect the Bridge with the SONOFF SNZB-02 Tem. & Hum. Sensor to detect the real-time temperature and humidity of your home, then you can turn on/off the fan or humidifier to change the comfortable level.

Movement Enables Your Light On

Works with SONOFF SNZB-03 Motion Sensor to make your living-room light automatically turns on when you go into the living-room in the evening, no darkness before you.

Your Action, Just Like A Switch Button

Wish the hallway light turns off when you close the door and leave home? SONOFF makes your idea into reality.

Quick to Find the Targeted One in Groups

Group and manage sub-devices on the home page of APP, no need to access the sub-device page.

Support Adding A Camera on Bridge or Sub-devices

You can add a camera to the Bridge or the sub-device, then view what happened in your home via either of them.


Supported Sub-devices

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