SONOFF Zigbee Water Leak Sensor | SNZB-05P

Early Detection, Maximum Protection

*Zigbee hub is needed (e.g. ZBBridge/-P/-U, NSPanel Pro, iHost)

Various Unexpected Leaks May Cause the House to Be Flooded

SONOFF Zigbee Water Leak Sensor SNZB-05P Is Coming!!!

Multiple Detection Methods for Various Scenarios

Striving for Details, Creating Exceptional Quality

IP67 waterproof and dustproof rating, providing short-term immersion protection, ensures normal operation in humid and dusty environments.

*The testing standards are based on IEC 60529: 1989+A1:1999+A2:2013

Equipped With Gold-Plated Probes for Enhanced Corrosion Resistance

Made From UV-Resistant Materials to Prevent Discoloration Over Time

*Wet water leak detection cable can be directly placed under sunlight for drying.

Extended Battery Life

Using CR2477 battery extends the battery life to over 5 years, eliminating concerns about frequent battery replacements.

*The battery life is a theoretical value obtained through internal laboratory testing by SONOFF, with a test environment of 25°C, connected to SONOFF Zigbee hub.

Multiple Notifications

*Need to subscribe to eWeLink Advanced plan.

Redundant Alarm Settings to Prevent Missed Alerts

When water leaking occurs, report every ten minutes to prevent missed alerts due to network fluctuations, ensuring the safety of your property.

*Notifications can be turned off by disabling push notification and scenes on eWeLink App.
*This feature will be supported in V1.0.2 and can be enabled through a firmware OTA upgrade via the ZBBridge-P/ZBBridge-U/NSPanel Pro/ZHA/Zigbee2Mqtt.

Local Scenes Make Your Alarms More Stable and Reliable

Use Zigbee local scenes to trigger the gateway’s sound alarm. Even if the WiFi network fails, the alarm will still function properly.

*SONOFF ZBBridge-P/ZBBrdige-U/NSPanel Pro/iHost is needed.

Supported Third-party Platforms

Based on eWeLink App Third-party platform function, supporting *Alexa, Google, Alice, SmartThings, IFTTT.

*To access the eWeLink app, a SONOFF Zigbee hub is needed.
*SMS notification requires subscribing to the eWeLink Advanced plan and setting up IFTTT.
*Due to Alexa not supporting water leak sensors, it will be displayed as a motion sensor in Alexa routines.

Supported Zigbee Hubs

*Need to install edge driver to connect to SmartThings hub. For details, please refer to the – Explore – TUTORIAL.
*Supports adding to other Zigbee 3.0 hubs, provided they support the water leak sensor category. Please confirm with the hub manufacturer.

Supported Home Assistant

Easily add to Home Assistant for your home automation through ZHA or Zigbee2MQTT

*A Dongle is required to connect to ZHA or Z2M, such as SONOFF ZBDongle-P/-E.

Feature Overview

What’s in the Box

1.Water Leak Sensor
2.Quick Guide
3.Water Leak Detection Cable, Cable Clips*3 #Requires separate purchase or purchase of a combo kit


Wireless connection
Zigbee 3.0
Battery model
Working temperature
Working humidity
Casing material
Product dimension
Net weight
Communication distance
130m (Open space)
Working temperature
Working humidity
Casing material
Net weight

*Water Leak Detection Cable requires separate purchase or purchase of a combo kit.