Manually activate smart devices with one button

SONOFF Zigbee Wireless Switch

*Requires Zigbee hub.

Improved Design and Performance

*The battery life data is a theoretical value, obtained from SONOFF’s internal laboratory under a specific test environment(the main condition is 10 keystrokes/hour and pairing once a month). Actual use may vary slightly due to product differences, firmware software versions, operating conditions, and environmental factors. Please refer to the actual use.

Zigbee Standard Compatible

Supports Zigbee hubs using the Zigbee 3.0 protocol, and theoretically supports adding to any Zigbee hub developed in accordance with Zigbee 3.0 protocols.

One Switch, Three Actions

Customize the operation corresponding to single press, double press, and long press of a wireless switch.

*Requires Zigbee hub.

Turn off All Devices with One Click

Turn off all lights, plugs, blinds, and more with one click when you leave home.

Act as a Doorbell

You will be notified in time when visitors press the wireless switch.

*Requires use with NSPanel Pro.

Emergency Button, More Peace of Mind

In an emergency, press the button for help.

Wireless Switch for Your Alexa Routines

Trigger Alexa routines with the press of the wireless switch.

*Requires SONOFF Zigbee hub.

Two-way Control

Connect the Wireless Switch with SONOFF smart wall switches and you can turn off the light downstairs after going upstairs.

Stickers for Your Choice

Use icon stickers to clarify what each button does.

Put It Anywhere for Your Use

You can easily control it anywhere, no matter your home, office, shop, restaurant, etc.

Various Installation Methods




Wireless connection
ZigBee (IEEE 802.15.4)

Battery model

Working temperature
–10°C ~ 60°C

Casing material

Net weight

Product dimension