Introducing the innovative TX Ultimate smart touch wall switch – your efficient and convenient lighting control choice!

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In the bustling environment of your office, controlling lights manually can be a hassle. But with TX Ultimate, you unlock the power of automated smart scenes that not only save energy but also enhance your daily life. Imagine this: as you wrap up your workday, the lights in your office gracefully turn off, providing both convenience and energy efficiency. The magic lies in TX Ultimate’s seamless integration and smart automation capabilities.

But there’s more! Have you ever left the office only to realize you forgot something? Or faced with an urgent task that requires your attention? TX Ultimate has you covered with its delay scene feature. Set a specific channel to activate, and after a designated time (tailored to your needs), the lights automatically switch off. What’s impressive is the ability to define an effective time period, ensuring this scene operates only when required. And its 8 ambient light modes can guide your line in a dark environment.

Curious to learn how? We’ve got you covered with a step-by-step guide to set up these smart scenes. Whether it’s streamlining your office lighting for energy conservation or enjoying the convenience of automated controls, TX Ultimate is your trusted partner in a brighter, smarter workspace.

First, open the eWeLink App, click ‘Scene’ and then click the ‘+’ icon to add a new scene. Click ‘Add’ icon to set trigger condition. Set a specified time to turn OFF all lights and the ambient light ON.

smart scene

Second, set a delay time for ON of each channel, and set the effective time period, so that this scene will be executed in a specific time period, and when the time is up, all lights will be turned OFF and the ambient light will be turned ON.

th elite

How to set the same scene for another channel of TX Ultimate? Open the scene you set, click the ‘…’ icon in the upper right corner and then click ‘Copy’ to copy this scene, then change the ‘Channel1 ON’ to ‘Channel2 ON’.


The scenes you set are as follows.

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