What are the differences in external switch trigger modes between SONOFF MINIR2 and DUALR3?  How do the external switch of DUALR3 work? This article will introduce you to the principle of the external switch trigger modes. Figure it out once and for all. Choose the right trigger mode so that your external switches will work properly.

Big fans of SONOFF may know that the MINIR2 has three trigger modes for external switches, and we have also published three articles detailing how these trigger modes work. Similarly, in the switch mode of DUALR3, the external switch trigger modes are exactly the same as the MINIR2, you can refer to the previous articles to understand. In this article, I will introduce to you in detail the principle and control effect of the three trigger modes of DUALR3 external switch in motor mode, so that you can better choose a suitable physical switch to control.

DUALR3 supports external switches control, synchronized with APP and voice control. Considering the different switch types of users, It has also built-in three switch detection mechanisms in motor mode, making it applicable for multiple switch types.

Single Momentary Switch

The momentary switch or push button is that when you release your hand after pressing it, the switch will return to its original position.

After setting “single momentary switch” on eWeLink APP, the actual trigger logic shows below.

Each time you press the switch, a pulse signal is generated. The actions of forwarding rotation, stop and reverse rotation will be executed cyclically.

Normally, connect a single momentary switch to S1 or S2 is enough.

  • If you connect switches to both S1 and S2. The two switches will achieve the same effect and synchronized, equivalent to two-way control.
  • If you want S1 and S2 to control differently. Such as S1 controls to open and stop the curtain, and S2 controls to close and stop the curtain. The next mechanism will meet it.

Dual Momentary Switch (default)

This mechanism is applicable to control using two single momentary switches connected to both S1 and S2 described above or a momentary switch with two buttons.

The two switch types introduced above are pulse-triggered switches. In the last, I will introduce you to a rocker switch with three states.

3-Way Rocker Switch

There are three gears on the switch corresponding to the forward rotation, stop and reverse rotation of the motor.

  • Connect to S1, the motor rotates forward
  • Connect to S2, the motor reverses
  • Not connect to S1or S2, the motor stops

To avoid damaging the motor, S1 and S2 must not be turned on at the same time. If they are accidentally turned on at the same time, DUALR3 will automatically disconnect the previous relay.

When the switch type you choose on the APP is not consistent with your actual one, it will not have any impact on the device. But the actual switch control effect may not be what you expected.

Reverse It on APP

It does not matter when you finish wiring just find the actual effect is inconsistent with the display on the APP or your external switch. You can reverse it easily on the APP to achieve the effect you want.

More External Switch Types

Since you already know the trigger principle of the external switch, I believe you also know to determine whether the switch at home can work. If the three types of switch trigger modes introduced above meet your needs? If you have other switch types and DUALR3 cannot meet your needs, please leave a message and let us know.