Brief Introduction

What’s the NSPanel Pro? It looks like the NSPanel but newer and more different. SONOFF NSPanel Pro is a smart home control panel that integrates all your devices and scenes for control. New panel has new upgrades. The software foundation of the new NSPanel Pro is the eWeLink Cast, which gives the possibility for you to control all the eWeLink supported devices, scenes, and even partner’s devices on this flawless touch screen.

NSPanel pro-1

NSPanel Pro Specifications:

  • Display – 3.95-inch Full Touch Screen with 480*480 Resolution
  • Protocol – Support WiFi, Zigbee, Bluetooth and eWeLink-Remote
  • Built-in Microphone and Speaker – Customized 1W Speaker and Two-way Digital Microphone
  • Built-in ICC Light Sensor – Automatically Adjust the Screen Brightness
nspanel pro-2

Main Features Introduction:

  • Unlimited number of control devices, supports control all SONOFF devices, from smart lights, smart cameras, security sensors to switches, etc, group control to smart scenes. All other brands devices with Zigbee 3.0 standard protocols can also work on this panel.

And will be compatible with Philips Hue / YEELIGHT / IKEA lights. One panel for all control.

  • With built-in microphone and speaker, it supports using mobile phone to call panel and panel-to-panel calls. NSPanel Pro is no longer a wall switch, but a smart panel can be placed anywhere for your convenience. You can place it in kitchen, living room, bedroom, etc. Wherever you are and whatever you do, just speak to your phone or panel for easy communication, like asking the kids to go downstairs for dinner, or call family to pick up the package outside the door, etc.
  • The main display shows a weather widget with outdoor temperature, WiFi status, time and date, as well as indoor temperature. Swipe the screen to enter a menu with user-defined scenes, you can change the thermostat’s settings when you leave home with a single touch or other scenes you added. And the panel itself can act as a thermostat, controlling your heater or cooler via SONOFF smart temperature & humidity switch by turning it on or off depending on the setting temperature. You can select temperature source of the thermostat from external temperature detecting devices such as TH10/16, SNZB-02, etc.
  • Add SONOFF smart power meter switch to NSPanel Pro, you can check the real-time power consumption of a single device or an entire home on the panel at any time, up to six-month of hourly power consumption history can be viewed on this panel. This feature will be available in V1.3.0.
  • Works with smart cameras to always guard your home, not only SONOFF cameras, also compatible with other cameras supporting RTSP. Enter the camera IP address on the panel, then you can view the monitoring screen in real time. Specially, also support ESP32-CAM. Set a scene with smart camera for security, for instance, adding SNZB-01 ZigBee Wireless Switch and CAM Slim smart camera to the panel, and set a scene – when someone press the switch installed outside the door, the panel will alarm, then you can check the visitor outside the door on the panel and talk to him. Besides, if you have an idle phone, download the eWeLink Camera app and turn it into a smart camera, then you can also view its live monitoring on the panel.

The video below shows you how the smart camera and ZigBee Wireless Switch worked on this panel👇

More Features Are Constantly Being Updated

  • NSPanel Pro will support the Matter ecosystem, enabling interconnection between more brand devices and improving compatibility between products. ( * Will be supported in 2023. )
  • As an eWeLink-Remote gateway to communicate with SONOFF devices of other protocols. ( * eWeLink-Remote protocol is specially designed by SONOFF to solve the shortcomings of traditional 433MHz RF control. )
  • Custom Wallpaper – Supports uploading pictures from your phone as the panel desktop wallpaper, design your panel wallpaper style!
  • Local Control & Local Scene of Zigbee Devices
  • More……

    Stay tuned for more updates!😛

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