MINIR4 is SONOFF’s smallest WiFi smart switch ever, fits in various boxes, even the smallest European standard ones. A mini extreme smart switch but with rich features. Added ‘Detach Relay’ mode, which means the states of external switches and relay are separated, so operating the external switch button won’t affect the relay state. New upgraded ESP32 chip and smaller size provide you with a better user experience. Lots of smart home enthusiasts have reviewed it, let’s check it!


To begin with, let’s watch its unboxing video to see how small it is. Here you will find a description of the product and what makes it special.

  • MINIR4 Introduction and Overview in Spanish.
  • Unboxing review of MINIR4 in Portuguese. Let’s see how small it is!

  • Unboxing and installation test of MINIR4.

Installation & Wiring

Product installation and wiring are essential steps in the process of setting up and using electrical appliances. It is important to understand how to properly install and wire products to ensure their safe and effective operation. In this part, you’ll learn various examples of MINIR4 installation and wiring.

  • Various examples of MINIR4 installation and wiring diagram.
  • This video review is in Spanish. You’ll know more details of this smart relay: disassembly, installation and use.

  • The next review is in Italian. Let’s take a look at the installation, load test and APP use of MINIR4.


This part includes the introduction, pairing, testing of MINIR4, and what it can control, how to use it, etc.

  • The first influencer is from Portugal, he said MINIR4 is the smallest smart relay he’s ever tested! Let’s watch his installation and review video.

  • NotEnoughTECH said MINIR4 is the smallest smart relay he had in his hands! Let’s take a look at its disassembly and review.

  • This review is in Spanish. Let’s take a look at his detailed introduction and tests about MINIR4.

  • This detailed review is in Polish, including intro, how to use, control case, how to flash, etc.

  • Take a look at MINIR4’s intro, overview, unboxing, App features, switch modes, other settings and scene setup.

  • Review from Hungary. Let’s check the details!

Flashing Guide

In this part, you’ll learn how to flash the firmware step by step. So, let’s get started!

  • This review takes you to learn how to flash MINIR4.
  • MINIR4 disassembly and flashing guide.

  • Learn the ESPHome guide to the MINIR4.

Voice Assistant Compatibility Test

MINIR4 is compatible with Alexa and Google Home. How to use this feature? How can this feature serve you better? Then, let’s check the review from influencers.

  • Portuguese review of MINIR4 – Compatible with Alexa and Home Assistant. Let’s check.
  • Portuguese review – How to use the SONOFF MINIR4? Advantages and disadvantages of using a device like this! Also, show you its use with Alexa and Google Home.