Before walking through this article, let’s see what’s CFH. CFH is Certified for Humans – it’s smart home, made easy. Devices with Certified for Humans give you the ability to access your home simply and quickly. With it, without a complicated adding process.

SONOFF announced to launch the new feature for Micro-CFH USB smart adaptor that the gadget integrates the technology of Amazon – Wi-Fi simple setup (WSS), making the Wi-Fi connection and pairing easier and simpler. As it stands, the system will share your Wi-Fi credentials with Micro-CFH via the Wi-Fi Locker.

Wi-Fi simple setup is a part of the long-term Amazon’s Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) program which can help remove the complicated steps and build a simpler setup experience for users.
Access from this link:

Frustration-Free Setup (FFS)

Frustration-Free Setup (FFS) is an Amazon program that allows users to utilize technology to make smart devices setup pretty simple, as users open the package and power them on which has complete the smart device setup.

When you purchased smart devices from, the provisioner devices in that region will help connect the purchased smart devices to your network through Wi-Fi, Zigbee or Bluetooth. That’s to say you have started setting up the network for your purchased smart device and network from checkout. After that when you take it out from the package, just simply power it on and it starts immediately working.

At present, FFS technology has been applied in some Amazon devices, like Echo devices, Fire tablet, Kindle, Fire TV devices, etc. Through these provisioner devices, you can simply set up new devices just in fewer steps, offering a streamlined setup experience.

Wi-Fi Simple Setup (WSS)

Wi-Fi Simple Setup (WSS) allows users to complete the setup between their smart devices and the Wi-Fi network, quickly and simply.

To gain access to this setup, you must:

  • Have one Wi-Fi credential at least of your Wi-Fi networks and stored it into the Amazon Device Setup Service (DSS). The setup is automatically processed, and it will stop to connect your Amazon device if you reject the process.
  • Own a provisioner device that is linked with Amazon account and it has connected to the Internet.

Zigbee Simple Setup (ZSS)

Judging from the name, there is a little different that is the protocol. As for Zigbee Simple Setup (ZSS), it indicates if you purchased a Zigbee smart device on Amazon, your Zigbee credential will automatically be synced to their ZSS-enabled hub devices (for example, Echo Show). When you power on the purchased device for the first time, it will automatically search the Zigbee network and securely set up once the encrypted credential is synced to it. Then you can control the device via your voice or in the Alexa app. Here it is a tip that if you have setup the device and your Zigbee hub successfully through ZSS or other nodes, the device will not be qualified for ZSS program.

To gain access to this setup, you must:

  • The purchased Zigbee device from Amazon is Zigbee3.0 certified.
  • Have a Zigbee hub, keep it active and linked to your Amazon account.
  • Power on the Zigbee device in the distance of Zigbee hub allows.
  • Support the Zigbee device connected to the Zigbee hub to access ZSS only, not for other methods.

Bluetooth Simple Setup (BSS)

Similarly, Bluetooth Simple Setup (BSS) aimed at making you absolutely simple to set up your Bluetooth devices. For the smart home enthusiast, this can help reduce the number of steps that the Bluetooth device requires to connect your network, and just power on it to start the smart control.
*Bluetooth Simple Setup (BSS) is currently in developing, and coming soon for users.

What’s the relationship between FFS, WSS, ZSS and BSS?

FFS technology is beneficial to simplify the setup process for connected devices, which includes Wi-Fi, Zigbee and Bluetooth devices. With FFS, you can quickly connect your Wi-Fi, Zigbee or Bluetooth device and to your network and set up by simply powering on it. Actually, WSS, ZSS or BSS is a part of Amazon’s Frustration-free setup, just for devices with different protocols.

There are two different operation modes in Frustration-Free Setup, Zero-Touch Setup (ZTS) and Barcode Setup (BCS). FFS configure process attempts ZTS to set up a device firstly, if failed, it will draw back to BCS. You should connect to your Wi-Fi network via the native setup way if BCS is still not possible.

Due to SONOFF Miro is WiFi-enabled. When you purchased it from, it will connect to your network in virtue of the provisioner devices (like compatible Echo devices, Fire TV devices or routers ) via the Wi-Fi Simple Setup (BSS). Next, you power on Micro-CFH and say, “Alexa, discover my devices.”, Your provisioner device will automatically search and set up Mirco, so you can control it with your voice or in the Alexa app.

How to set Micro-CFH to work with your Alexa devices?

Zero-Touch Setup (ZTS)

To access Zero-Touch Setup (ZTS) process, you should:

  1. Purchase Micro-CFH from or its retailers. During this purchase, you’ve sent your Wi-Fi credential which will be used for Micro-CFH setup.
  2. Add Alexa app and add the Alexa speaker. Note that you should check the box with “Save password to Amazon…” after entering your Wi-Fi SSID and password.
  3. Download eWeLink app and blind it with Alexa app, then the account linkage is successful.
  4. Power on Micro-CFH, wait for 1-2mins and it will pair with Amazon app successfully.
  5. Start to control Micro-CFH with your voice.

If your Micro-CFH is purchased on platforms except for, you can establish the linkage for Micro-CFH and your Amazon account via Barcode Setup (BCS) to complete the FFS setup.

Barcode Setup (BCS)

  1. After purchasing Micro-CFH on platforms other than Amazon, scan the QR code on Micro-CFH using Alexa app to link Micro-CFH and your Amazon account.
  2. Then add it according to the prompt of the app.
  3. Power on Micro-CFH, wait for 1-2mins and it will pair with Amazon app successfully.
  4. Start to control Micro-CFH with your voice.

Note: Barcode Setup (BCS) is currently not available. Please stay tuned for our website ( for the available time.
*Please attempt to pair Micro-CFH via eWeLink App if FFS setup is failed.

For users who purchased Micro-CFH from, you can test the capability of Micro-CFH FFS setup using the provisioner devices below. (Before accessing this testing, all these devices should be linked to your Amazon account.)

Provisioner Devices:       

Echo (3rd Gen)  
Echo Dot (3rd Gen)
Amazon eero Pro mesh Wi-Fi system
TP-Link AC1750 Smart Wi-Fi Router
Asus RT-AX88U AX6000 Dual-Band Wi-Fi Router


With Amazon’s FFS setup, Micro-CFH can now lower the complexities of the setup and pairing to make you enter a smart home in a pretty simple way, with keeping your home’s security.
Such a wonderful setup experience in Micro-CFH smart control!