SONOFF has distributors all over the world.

As the exclusive distributor in the Argentine Republic, SONOFF ARGENTINA SRL is committed to delivering unparalleled reliability, service, warranty, and local support to customers across the country. Their primary objective is to establish a robust network of local retailers, ensuring that SONOFF products reach every corner of Argentina. Whether for industrial, architectural, agricultural, educational, or large-scale facilities, SONOFF ARGENTINA SRL focuses on providing dependable and robust solutions tailored to meet the most demanding needs.

SONOFF Argentina at BIEL Light + Building Exhibition, Buenos Aires 2023

A significant milestone in SONOFF Argentina’s journey towards expanding its presence in the market was its participation in the prestigious BIEL Light + Building exhibition held in Buenos Aires in 2023. Recognized as the primary and exclusive event for professionals in the sector, this exhibition took place at La Rural, one of Latin America’s foremost exhibition grounds. The event brought together companies from all over South America, as well as technology firms from around the world.

All the people were very interested in SONOFF products and explanations, SONOFF Argentina also did a lot of Giftaways and answered all their questions. People said that SONOFF Argentina was one of the most interesting and interactive stands.

Showcasing Innovation, Gaining Insights

As the exclusive representative of the SONOFF brand, SONOFF Argentina took the opportunity to showcase their latest smart home products and solutions at the BIEL Light + Building exhibition. Their presence demonstrated SONOFF’s innovative capabilities and leadership in the smart home industry.
The exhibition served as a platform for SONOFF Argentina to connect with industry professionals, fostering collaborations and gaining insights into global technological trends and market demands.

Expanding Horizons, Forging Partnerships

Participating in the BIEL Light + Building exhibition solidified SONOFF Argentina’s position in the Argentine market. It offered them a unique chance to engage with peers and potential partners, exchange knowledge, and explore the future of the smart home industry. Also, they met a lot of distributors around the Country and improve their networking.

During the exhibition, SONOFF Argentina did training for four Schools of electrical technicians that came specialty to the exhibition for SONOFF Trainings. And also they did Technical training for Electricians and professionals in home automation.

SONOFF Argentina arranges many meetings after the exhibition with them and also with educational schools and university teachers and with unions of Electricians technicians for future training. By leveraging this platform, SONOFF Argentina is poised to expand its network and further enhance its offerings to meet the evolving needs of customers in Argentina.


SONOFF ARGENTINA SRL, the exclusive distributor of SONOFF products in the Argentine Republic, is playing a pivotal role in providing reliable and robust smart home solutions to meet the diverse needs of customers. Through their recent participation in the BIEL Light + Building exhibition, SONOFF Argentina has further reinforced their position in the market and established valuable connections within the industry.
As we embrace a future driven by smart technology, SONOFF Argentina remains committed to empowering users and transforming homes across Argentina into intelligent, efficient, and comfortable living spaces. SONOFF is what Argentineans need to have a smarter and easier life!