A Smart Home
at Your Fingertips

Remote control – Convert regular devices into smart devices. It allows full control over your appliances to access all the features right from the eWeLink app

Devices Turn On/Off with Their Own

Timing schedules – Set an on and off time for your appliances depending on your desired scheduling needs, the way they will turn on and off automatically at a given time

Find the Device,
Quickly and Clearly

Group Management – Support you to create device groups for organizing connected devices based on location, function or any other types, convenient for
you to find the device you want to manage rapidly

More Intelligent
Than Before

Smart scenes – Give you a solution to groups for controlling a crowd of appliances, and you can make more actions happen in your home via a single tap on your phone

Control with Your Whole Family

Device sharing – Share devices with your family at your home or your colleagues at the office, which makes them control devices directly from their phones

Powerful Compatibility
Perfect Service

Supported Services – Work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Google Nest and IFTTT, making it possible to control your appliances with an easy and simple way

No Available Wi-Fi? Try This

LAN control – Designed to offer much convenience and freedom to control devices even though no Wi-Fi accesses. Suitable for BASICR2/R3, RF/RFR3, Slampher, S20/S26, etc

Secure Your Devices

Pattern lock – Aim to focus on the secure control for your appliances, avoiding children tapping on the app by mistakes to change the status of your appliances


  • Tim

    “Works nicely, matched with my light once,I never look at it again. ”

  • Joe

    “Works just as advertised. Fast and reliable operation with great Google Home and Amazon Echo integration. ”

  • Jimmy

    “Very well thought and useful app, strangely nothing to complain about it. recommend all associated products! ”



  • How many devices can the app support?

  • Can the app be used on PC

  • Is it possible to run two Android phones?

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