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Works with IFTTT Instruction Guide

IFTTT is a platform whose name is short for “if this, then that.”What’s the meaning? you can understand it like this, “if this” is equivalent to a trigger, “then that” is an action. And this platform performs a set of conditional activities by built-in applets and supports different apps, services, and devices, providing great custom capabilities in a uniquely flexible way.

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Works with Alexa Instruction Guide

Alexa is Amazon’s voice artificial intelligence. It can be used with many Amazon and third-party manufacturers’ devices to help devices that have Internet access permissions and can establish connections.

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Compare 5 SONOFF smart bulbs

B02-F-A19 is our latest smart light bulb, but are there any better than smart bulbs from SONOFF? Let’s take a closer look at all SONOFF smart bulbs! Light bulbs have become exponentially smarter nowadays. The homeowner can...

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