Magicians of Light

Color Varies with Your Mood

More than 16 million colors, endless variations and real-time synchronization present a wonderful visual experience for your home.

Capturing colors from anything you want, to better match L1 Lite’s surroundings.

Diverse Modes, Choose What You Like

There are 11 modes in total that you can switch among them freely. 4 out of 11 modes can change the color and speed as you prefer.

It has Music Visualizer Mode which will impress you. This mode displays a perfect fusion of music and lights, and makes the beat more rhythmically.

Work with “Voice”

Speak to your Voice Assistant, Change L1 Lite as You Prefer

Work with the Sensor

SONOFF PIR3-RF ( Small 433MHz RF PIR Motion Sensor) * This is a customized scene when someone moves in front of PIR3-RF, L1 Lite will turn on automatically.

ON/OFF on Schedule, Free Your Hands

More Control Ways


24 buttons, press the one you want

eWeLink App

Schedule/Timer, more surprises await for you

Can be Extended and Controlled Synchronously Through the Group

By using shortcuts (Create Group), several L1 Lite can be controlled together and synchronously to achieve the extension effect.

Create an Atmosphere

Use your imagination to bring the scenes back home

Easy to Install


Quick Start


Physical Installation Guide

Installation Methods

1. There are cuttable marks on light strip to help you figure out where to cut. The minimum cutting length is 3LED/100mm. Feel free to cut to satisfy the length you need.

2. Peel the adhesive on the back of the strip and stick L1 Lite to where you want to install.

3. Power on and pair L1 Lite, start as you prefer.


1. L1 Lite is not waterproof, so please mount it away from water and other extreme weather conditions.

2. The surface for L1 Lite installation must be dry and clean.

Device Pairing Instruction

Switch the Device into Pairing Mode

After powering on, the device will automatically enter the “Quick Pairing Mode”(Touch) during the first use.

The LED indicator of the device will blink like this:


If the LED indicator blinks in other ways, please pull out the insulation sheet on remote controller, and press “on” button for 5 seconds to switch the device into “Quick Pairing Mode”(Touch)


1. Press the “on” button once, the device will quit the pairing mode.

2. If the device is not paired, it will quit pairing mode after 3 minutes.

Add the Device in eWeLink

1. Launch eWeLink APP in the mobile phone.

2. Click ”+” icon at the middle bottom of interface.

3. Select “Quick Pairing” for adding device.

4. Choose the WiFi network that the device will connect with.

User Tips: Before choosing the WiFi network, location services should be turned on and location permission should be allowed.

5. Enter the correct WiFi password and click “Next”.

6. Wait for eWeLink to search for the device.

7. eWeLink finds the device.

8. Name the device and group it.

9. Success.

If you fail to enter Quick Pairing Mode (Touch), please try “Compatible Pairing Mode” to pair.

1. Long press the “on” button on the remote controller for 5s until the device “flashes” and release. Long press this button for 5s again until the device status changes from “flashing” to “quick flashing”, then the device enters the Compatible Pairing Mode.

2. Tap “+” and select “Compatible Pairing Mode” on APP.

Select Wi-Fi SSID with ITEADXXXXXX and enter the password 12345678, and then go back to eWeLink APP and tap “Next”. Be patient until pairing completes.


1. The device only works with 2.4GHz WiFi.

2. If the router is working in dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz), please upgrade the eWeLink app to V4.0.0 or above.

3. The Pairing will fail if a wrong WiFi password is input.

4. The device shall get close to router for a good transmission signal condition while pairing.


1. Is L1 Lite waterproof?

No, L1 Lite is not waterproof, please use it properly.

2. What’s the difference between L1 and L1 Lite?

There are several differences between L1 and L1 Lite.

IP Grade: L1 IP65 VS L1 Lite IP22

Beam Angle: L1 140° VS L1 Lite 120°

Gross Weight:L1-2M 492g L1-5M 593g VS L1 Lite-5M-EU 287g L1 Lite-5M-US 283g

3. How do I figure out L1 Lite is under “Quick Pairing Mode”(Touch) or “Compatible Pairing Mode”?

Well, the light strip will flash under both mode. There is no difference for the light strip, so check WiFi LED in the controller to figure out the mode. Details can be checked here: Blink! Blink! SONOFF Product Is “Talking” To You

4. Does it support LAN control?

No, but you can use the remote controller to control L1 Lite.

5. Does it work with 5G phones?

Yes. 5G doesn’t mean 5GHz frequency, it’s 5th generation mobile networks.

6. How to cut the light strip?

If 5M length is too long for you, then use the crop tool to cut along the indicator icon on light strip.

7. Is there any difference between Group Control and individual control?

Function Schedule and Timer cannot be used under Group control, other functions of L1 Lite are the same.

8. Can it work with IFTTT?


9. Can it work with Alexa/Google Assistant?


10. Does it support DIY mode?


11. Can I share it with others?



Why L1 Lite does not work when power on?

Make sure the light strip has been installed correctly. If the pins of light strip have been inserted contrary, the light strip cannot be powered on.


Device offline issue

Please check the following problems by the LED indicator status:

The LED indicator flashes once on repeated means you fail to connect to the router.

1. Maybe you entered a wrong Wi-Fi SSID and password.

2. Maybe your router has a lower carrying capacity.

3. Maybe you place device in a space with a weak Wi-Fi signal.

4. Be sure that the MAC of the device is not in the black list of your MAC management.

The LED indicator flashes twice on repeated means you fail to connect to the server.

1. Make sure Internet connection is working.

2. Please contact your ISP and confirm our server address is not shielded: (China Mainland) (in Asia except China) (in EU) (in US)

If none of the above methods solved this problem, please submit your request via help&feedback on eWeLink APP.

Device pairing failed issue

1. Make sure device is in the pairing mode.

2. Make sure your Wi-Fi network runs on 2.4GHz band. Please try Compatible Pairing Mode (AP) or upgrade eWeLink APP to 4.0.0 version or higher if you use a dual-band router.

3. Make sure you entered a correct Wi-Fi SSID and password, no special characters contained.

4. The device shall get close to the router for a good transmission signal condition while pairing.