Smart LED Filament Bulb

Play with the vintage accent, comfortable warm and cool tones to adorn your space in various occasion with smart control, matching your mood anytime.
Cut Your Electric Bill by 90%
Combining a traditional bulb with the smart LED technology, the 9W bulb emits 700lm/806lm which equals to a 60W incandescent bulb, lowering your energy usage and saving up to 90% on your bill.


Smart LED bulb

Incandescent bulbs

Smart Better than Traditional
Your Mood, Take Your Pick
Yup – Change the mood with a touch of a button. Choose the scene that matches your mood as your need and get quick access to it on the app.
Free to Dim & Tune
With a dimmable range from 1% to 100% and a color temperature range from 2200K – 6500K, you can instantly have the perfect lighting to follow your mood in any occasions with just one finger.
Just A Finger, Light Up A Whole Area
Control and adjust the bulb individually, or organize multiple bulbs together to arrange the lighting for the specific area. Save energy, save worry.
Say Out What You Want
Enjoy the convenience of hands-free voice control on light brightness and color temperature adjustment. Connect with Alexa or Google Home smart assistant, and you can use a simple voice command to amplify the experience, immersing yourself in it.

Customize Scenes for Your Smart Life
A lighted home is ready for you when you walk through the door. Match with SONOFF DW2-Wi-Fi door sensor to accomplish the scene that the bulb turns on automatically when your door is opened.
Schedule for Your Business Space
Tired of turning off the restaurant light manually when the business hours will be over soon. Set a time to automatically turn off the light after ending business and on before starting business without the need of manual control.
One Bulb, More Purposes
About Compatibility
Standard E27 base
Quick User Guide

Physical Installation Guide

The device is installed in the light-base with clockwise to screw until tighten.


1. To avoid electric shock, please turn off the power before installing the device.

2. It is recommended that the device works under 220-240V AC. If the voltage lower than 220-240V AC, the device could not work normally and if
the voltage higher than it, the device maybe be burned out.

Device Pairing Instruction

Switch the Device into Pairing Mode

After powering on, the device will automatically enter the “Quick Pairing Mode”(Touch) during the first use. The device enters the “breathing mode”.

If the connected light doesn’t blink in this way, please power on the device for more than 10s, then power off, proceed the Power ON and OFF for
3 times until the connected light enters the “breathing mode”.


1. Press the button once, the device will quit the pairing mode.

2. If the device is not paired, it will quit pairing mode after 3 minutes.

3. If fail in the “Quick Pairing Mode”, please refer to the “Compatible Pairing Mode” in the troubleshooting.

Add the device in eWeLink

1. Launch eWeLink App in the mobile phone.

2. Click ”+” icon at the middle bottom of interface.

3. Select “Quick Pairing” for adding device.

4. Choose the WiFi network that the device will connect with. Before choosing the WiFi network, location services should be turned on and location
permission should be allowed.

5. Enter the correct WiFi password and click “Next”.

6. Wait for eWeLink to search for the device.

7. eWeLink finds the device.

8. Name the device and group it.

9. Success.


1. The device only works with 2.4 GHz WiFi.

2. If the router is working in dual-band (2.4 GHz & 5 GHz), please upgrade the eWeLink App to V4.0.0 or above.

3. The pairing will fail if a wrong WiFi password is input.

4. The device shall get close to router for a good transmission signal condition while pairing.


1. What’s the working voltage of the device?

220-240V AC 50Hz

2. What’s the working environment of the device?

Working temperature: -10℃ ~ 40℃
Working humidity: 5%~95% RH, non-condensing
Working height: less than 2000 m

3. What’s the CCT (correlated color temperature) of the device?

B02-F-A60: 2200-6500K
B02-F-ST64: 1800-5000K
All of them support to regulate warm and cold.

4. What’s power rating of the device?


5. How long is the life of the device?


6. What’s the standard of the device?

Standard E27 base.

7. How many historical operation records can be saved?

Three months’ records.

8. Does it support LAN control?


9. Can it work with IFTTT?


10. Can it work with Alexa/Google Assistant?


11. Does it support DIY mode?



Timer does not be executed” issue

1. Make sure the timers you set are enable.


1. The maximum quantities of timers: 20.

2. The maximum quantities of activated timers: 8.

3. It is not recommended that the device works offline for a long time. If the device has been paired with eWeLink but stayed offline for a long
time, it may cause the device restarted issue and the timer will not be executed. Thus, keeping the device online and checking whether the issue
is solved.

Device status issue

1. The device’s status still remains when it works offline.

2. Once you delete the device on your App, it would default to “breathing mode”. If there is no operation on the device in 3 minutes, it will turn
to “bright”. In this case, the device will be “warm” when you turn it on again.

3. The device supports four scenes: Bright, Reading, Work, Night.

Device pairing failed issue

1. Make sure device is in the pairing mode.

2. Make sure you entered a correct WiFi SSID and password, no special characters contained.

3. The device shall get close to the router for a good transmission signal condition while pairing.

4. Make sure your WiFi network runs on 2.4 GHz band. Please try Compatible Pairing Mode (AP) or upgrade eWeLink APP to 4.0.0 version or higher if
you use a dual-band router.


If you fail to enter the “Quick Pairing Mode”(Touch), please try “Compatible Pairing Mode” to pair.

1. Press the light switch 5 times repeatedly at an interval of every 1s (OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON-OFF-ON) when the light is on. The “quick
flash” indicates the device enters the Compatible Pairing Mode.

2. Tap”+” or select “Compatible Pairing Mode” on App.

Android App:

Enter WiFi password and tap “Next”.Be patient until pairing completes.

IOS App:

Select WiFi SSID with ITEAD.XXXXXX and enter the password 12345678, and then go back to eWeLink App and tap “Next”. Be patient until pairing