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Wi-Fi DIY Smart Switch
Advanced Safety,
Professional Certification
Pass the 2KV surge testing and also certified by ANATEL which ensures MINIR2 more secure in use.
The surge testing requirement for the CE certification is 1kv.
Safety, Improved Further
The external antenna of MINIR2 is moved to the interior, improving the use performance and safety.
Installation Guide
It is recommended that the frontside of MINIR2 is installed outside during installation and do not install it in the metal junction box.
Considerate Design for Your Safety
The S1 and S2 interface is highlighted on the different color to give you a clear tip that they can not connect the strong current for security reasons.
Work with An External Switch
Support to connect dry contact sensors and various types of external switches, such as SPDT switches and NC/NO push button switches.
Small and Compact
Only takes up very little space when installed into various types of switch boxes, even the EU standard switch box
More Options in External Switches
Pulse mode
Falling edge triggers the relay to reverse in level jumping. Ideal for the push button switch which is triggered once after being presses and automatically bounces back.
*External switches are not limited to door control switches.
Edge mode
Both rising and falling edge can trigger the relay state change. Can be used to connect a SPDT switch to reach two-way control of a device.
*External switches are not limited to two-way control switches.
Following mode
Connect your light to a wall switch with “ON&OFF mark” but sometimes find the state of the light does not correspond with the ON&OFF direction of the wall switch? The following mode is used to make the light follow the ON/OFF direction of the wall switch. Can also connect dry contact sensors.
*The default and reverse mode are used for both NC and NO wall switches to make the load state follow the ON&OFF direction of the wall switch.
Get Your House Lighted via Your Phone
Enable the eWeLink app to control appliances in your home, anywhere and anytime
Run Devices without Lifting A Finger
Connected with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant to turn on/off devices in a completely hands-free way
On/Off Time, It’s up to You
Arrange the start and stop schedule for devices to have them automatically switch on/off, reducing needless power consumption
DIY Mode
Utilize the REST API to connect the MINI with your existing home automation system
Customize Smart Scenes
Let one SONOFF device to trigger another one, or trigger a multitude of devices simultaneously via tapping “Tap to run” on your phone
On or Off?
View from Your Phone
Can know your device is on or off through the eWeLink app even if you’re not at home
Share Control, Share Fun
Share the device to your family or friends,
and they can control it directly on their own phones