Dual Relay Wi-Fi Smart Switch with Power Metering
Smart control module operate for lights, appliances and motorized facilities.The first smart switch with TUV certification has a high-level of quality and reliability.
Automated Roller Shutter & Window Shades
Double Two-Way Control
Power Metering
DIY Your Automated Motorized Facilities
DUALR3 can operate as a smart control module for 100-240V AC motors.
Like tubular motor used in motorized curtains, blinds, roller shutter, awning, etc.
*DUALR3 is applicable to four wires (GND, Neutral, Forward, and Reverse ) AC motors, like tubular motors.
Schedule to Open and Close for Comfortable Life
Want to be awakened with the first ray of sunlight in the morning or adjust the percentage of curtain opening to avoid the light ruins your furniture? DUALR3 can help you easily realize, just connect it with your motorized curtain to enjoy your smart life.
Control It Wherever You Are
Don’t worry about rain, close the window remotely.
Creating an Atmosphere, Actually Simple
DUALR3 works with other SONOFF products like L1.
Just tell Siri and it will automatically close the curtain for you to create a romantic atmosphere.
*Siri voice control is a shortcut of Siri in eWelink, DUALR3 does not support Homekit temporarily.
Double Two-Way Control of Lights
To control the lights via downstair or upstairs switch? DUALR3 helps you! The working mechanism of DUALR3 allows you to achieve two-way control for two appliances respectively.
Power Metering Helps You to Save on Electricity Bills
Want to turn off in schedule to save electricity bills? Want to check the real-time power of the appliances? Want to view historical power consumption?
Now you can enjoy two independent channels with power metering in all of three working modes!
Keep Your Appliances always Be On – Meter Mode
DUALR3 has a special working mode called meter mode. In this mode, the electrical appliance loads of DUALR3 will
always remain on, the relay state will not be changed by APP or external switches. Only focusing on power monitoring
and metering!
Safety Is Guaranteed
Protection against electric shock
Pass the additional test carried out at 35 ℃ ±2 ℃ with an IEC 61032 test probe. During the test, no DUALR3 is deformed and no live parts accessible.
Adequate mechanical strength
Switches and boxes have adequate me chanical strength. After 9 blow impact test, they show no damage and without live parts exposed.
Insulating material
Resist abnormal heat and fire. Place the PCB on the glow wire at 850℃ ,and the flame will go out within 2.8s. The PCB, base, and cover of DUALR3 are all passed the glow wire test of IEC 60695-2-1.
Resistance to heat, humidity, and aging
DUALR3 underwent many severe environmental tests to ensure its reliability in harsh environments. For example, in terms of high-temperature resistance, it kept for 1h in a heating cabinet at 100℃ ±0.2 ℃. After the test, there is no change affecting its further use, and has no access to live parts.
Overload Protection
Set the maximum and minimum values of voltage, current and power.Once the appliance is in abnormal working state, it will automatically cut off power for safety.
Perfect for In-wall Installation
Detachable Mounting Base for DIN-Rail Installation
Compatible with Your Existing Various Switch Types
In addition to APP control, the original switch control can be retained.
AC Motor Wiring Demo

DUALR3 Wiring Guide


To avoid electric shocks, please consult a qualified professional electrician for help when installing and repairing. Don’t do the wiring with the power on!



In order to complete the wiring process without a problem, please confirm the following items before doing the wiring.

1. Live and Neutral wires are necessary to power the device. It can’t work without “Neutral”.

2. If it is a three-phase circuit, please use Neutral and select one of the Live cables to make it a single-phase input.

3. The output voltage of DUALR3 is 100-240V AC, which does not support DC input appliances.

4. Please confirm the parameters of the load going to be connected.

Resistive load: 10A/2200W/Gang; 15A/3300W/Total

Inductive load: 1A/220W/Gang; 1.5A/330W/Total

Note: The maximum power of the bi-directional motor is 240W.


Moter Mode

momentary switch

Connect to S1 or S2 for smart control of connected devices; connect to S1 and S2 for two-way smart control.

Dual momentary switch or ON/OFF/ON switch

Switch Mode

Connect push button switch in the pulse mode or rocker switch in the edge mode.

Connect SPDT switches in the edge mode to reach double two-way control.

Connect dry contact sensors in the following mode.

Meter Mode

1. The device still works normally if no a physical light switch is connected to S1/S2.

2. If S1/S2 is connected to a physical light switch, the corresponding working mode is required in eWeLink APP to select for normal use.

3. In Meter Mode, the relay will always be on and cannot be turned off by APP or external switches.

Device Pairing Instruction

1. Power on and switch the device into Quick Pairing Mode

After powering on, the device will automatically enter the Quick Pairing Mode during the first use.

The LED indicator of the device will blink in a cycle of two short and one long flash like this:

If the LED indicator blinks in other ways, please press the paring button for 5 seconds to switch the device into Quick Pairing Mode.


1. If press the button once when device is in the pairing mode, the device will quit the pairing mode.

2. If the device is not paired, it will quit pairing mode after 3 minutes.

2. Add the Device in eWeLink

1. Launch eWeLink APP in the mobile phone.

2. Click ”+” icon at the middle bottom of interface.

3. Select “Bluetooth Pairing” for adding device.

4. Choose the WiFi network that the device will connect with.

Before choosing the WiFi network, location services should be turned on and location permission should be allowed. Location information permission is used to obtain WiFi list information. If you click Disable, you will not be able to add devices.

5. Enter the correct WiFi password and click “Next”.

6. Wait for eWeLink to search for the device.

7. eWeLink finds the device.

8. Name the device and group it.

9. Success.


1. If search bluetooth device fail, please reflash on APP and try again.

2. The device only works with 2.4GHz WiFi.

3. The Pairing will fail if a wrong WiFi password is input.

4. The device shall get close to router for a good transmission signal condition while pairing.


1. What is the power range of the motor that can be connected?


2. Does it have power metering in all of the three working modes?


3. What is the accuracy of power metering?

Voltage: 2%. Active power, current: 1%.

4. How many days of electricity consumption statistics can I view?

180 days.

5. Can I check the short-term power consumption of the appliances?

Yes, start and end at any time you want.

6. What parameters of the appliances can I monitor in real time?

Voltage, current, active power, reactive power, and apparent power in switch mode and meter mode.

7. Does DUALR3 support single live wire input?

No, there must be a neutral input.

8. How many historical operation records can be saved?

Three months’ records.

9. Does it support LAN control?


10. How many timers can be set?

You can set 28 timers(schedule, timer, loop timer) at the same time, and 16 of which will be activated.

11. Can the timer be executed after the network is disconnected?

You cannot set the timing for the network disconnection, but as long as the power is continuously connected, the already set timing will continue to be executed.

Note: If the network is disconnected for a long time, the deviation of the timer will become larger and larger.

12. How long is the warranty?

If it’s bought from our official store, it would be a one-year warranty for non-human failure.

13. Does the two channel has the same features?For example, two-way control?

Yes, the two channels are independent and have the same features, both can be controlled by external switches. You can also externally connect different switch types.

14. Can I share it with others?

Yes, you can share it to others for together control.

15. How many users can the device be shared with?

Free:20, Advanced: 100, Pro: No limit.

16. How do you know if your phone is connected to 2.4 Ghz or 5 Ghz WiFi?

Most android users can check WiFi frequency in system settings. For example, here is how you can do it.

  • Open setting and tap WLAN
  • Tap on the WiFi that your phone has connected,you will see the frequency of this WiFi.
  • 2.4G Android

    If you are an IOS user, download the AirPort Utility app from the App Store and follow the steps below to check the frequency.

  • Go to system settings and tap the AirPort Utility app, then enabled Wi-Fi Scanner.
  • Open the AirPort Utility app and tap “Wi-Fi Scan”, then tap “Scan”.
  • Find the SSID of the WiFi that your phone is connecting and check its channel. If the channel is between 1 and 13, then this WiFi is 2.4Ghz,otherwise it is 5Ghz.
  • 17. What is meaning of each WiFi LED blinking?

    Please refer the link: Blink! Blink! SONOFF Product Is “Talking” To You

    18. Does it work with 5G phones?

    Yes. 5G doesn’t mean 5GHz frequency, it’s 5th generation mobile networks.

    19. Is it reached any waterproof rate?

    No, it is not waterproof.

    20. Can it work with IFTTT?

    No, it does not supported in the first version.

    21. Can it work with Alexa/Google Assistant?

    No, it does not supported in the first version.

    22. Does it support DIY mode?

    No, it does not supported in the first version.

    23. Can I flash another firmware into the device?

    We don’t recommend it. The warranty will be void immediately.

    24. Can the device return to the original firmware after I flash another firmware?


    25. Can I downgrade the firmware?


    26. Where can I download the official firmware?

    It’s not for the public.


    Why the Historical electricity consumption getting smaller?

    Because the data is saved on the device every 30 minutes. If the device is powered off, the part of the electricity consumption less than 30 minutes will be lost, so the historical electricity consumption will get smaller.

    Why the current/voltage/power information doesn’t change in real-time, but kind of delayed?

    The data upload mechanism is to detect the data every 2 seconds. If the change of the current/voltage/power data is greater than the set threshold (current accuracy 0.03A, v0ltage accuracy 5V, power accuracy 2W ), the data display will be refreshed.

    Can’t control by external switches?

    1. The DUALR3 will be in motor mode by default when it is used for the first time, but the external switch type is not selected by default. Therefore, you must pairing the device and select the working mode and external switch type before you can normally control it by external switches.

    2. Ensure good wiring contact.

    Why my device always fails to pair?

    1. Make sure device is in the bluetooth pairing mode, the LED is blinking 3 times and on repeatedly. If not in this mode, please long press the pairing button for 5 seconds to set it to this mode.

    2. Please turn on bluetooth and location services and allow location permission.

    3. Make sure your Wi-Fi network runs on 2.4GHz band.

    4. Upgrade eWeLink APP to the latest version if you use a dual-band router.

    5. Make sure you entered a correct Wi-Fi SSID and password, no special characters contained.

    6. If search bluetooth device fail, please reflash on APP and try again.


    Please check the following problems by the LED indicator status:

    The LED indicator blinks once in every 2s means you fail to connect to the router.

    1. Maybe you entered a wrong Wi-Fi SSID and password.

    2. Make sure that your WiFi SSID and password don’t contain special characters, for example, the Hebrew, Arabic characters, our system can’t recognize these characters and then fail to connect to the WiFi.

    3. Maybe your router has a lower carrying capacity.

    4. Maybe the WiFi strength is weak. Your router is too far away from your device, or there may be some obstacle between the router and device which block the signal transmission.

    5. Be sure that the MAC of the device is not in the black list of your MAC management.

    The LED indicator flashes twice on repeated means you fail to connect to the server.

    1. Make sure Internet connection is working. You can use your phone or PC to connect to the Internet, and if it fail to access, please check the availability of Internet connection.

    2. Maybe your router has a low carrying capacity. The number of devices connected to the router exceeds its maximum value. Please confirm the maximum number of devices that your router can carry. If it exceeds, please delete some devices and try again.

    3. Please contact your ISP and confirm our server address is not shielded: (China Mainland) (in Asia except China) (in EU) (in US)

    If none of the above methods solved this problem, please submit your request via help&feedback on eWeLink APP.

    Timer does not be executed

    1. Please check the inching function is activated or not, May be the inching function turn off the device, which looks the timer has not been executed. For example, we set an inching duration of 2s, and a schedule to turn on at 8:00 am on one device. In reality, the device will turn on at 8:00 am, and turn off by itself 2s later due to inching is enabled.

    2. Make sure the timers you set are enable.

    3. If the device is offline and restart, the timer will not execute. Please do not allow these two conditions to be met at the same time.


    1. The maximum quantities of timers: 28

    2. The maximum quantities of activated timers: 16

    3. It is not recommended that the device work offline for a long time. If the device has been paired with eWeLink but stayed offline for a long time, it may cause the device restarted issue and the timer will not be executed. thus, keeping the device online and check whether the issue is solved.

    Why my mobile phone does not receive the message notification?

    1. Check and confirm you enabled “Push notification” on the eWeLink APP.

    2. Turn on “Notification” on the “Setting” of your mobile phone — select “eWeLink APP” — enable “Allow notification” and other options.

    3. Make sure your device is online.

    Why does it remind me that the account does not exist when I share the device?

    1. Make sure your device is online.

    2. Only accounts registered on the same server can share devices with each other, please confirm the registration country/region.