D1 Smart Dimmer Switch

Adjust light brightness for various occasions

More Features, Wait for You to Discover

  • Smart Dimming

  • Remote Control

  • Voice Control

  • Timing Schedule

  • Smart Scene

  • Share Control

  • 433MHz RF control

  • Power on State

Even Easier Dimming at Hand

Turn the light down casually with the included remote controller at the thrilling movie night, enjoy an immersing moment.

On & Off, Control with Two Methods

Turn your light on/off the way you like, whether the remote controller or your smartphone.

Sunrise & Sunset Mode

Keep track of the sun rise and set time of your location, so you can create a scene that activates at a fixed time, when the sun rises or when the sun sets.


Adjust Party Ambience with Your Voice

Turn up/down the brightness level light with your voice command for a great atmosphere.

“Alexa, dim the light to 40%.”

Applicable Lights

Support to dim incandescent light bulbs and dimmable LED light.

Match A Base for Perfect Combination

An optional remote controller base, can be directly installed on the 86 type mounting box.

RM433 Base

Free APP Download


Applicable systems: Android 4.1 and above or iOS 9.0 and above

D1 Dimmer Wiring Guide


To avoid electric shocks, please consult a qualified professional electrician for help when installing and repairing. Don’t do the wiring with the power on!



In order to complete the wiring process without a problem, please confirm the following items before doing the wiring.

1. Live and Neutral wires are necessary to power D1 Dimmer. It can’t work without “Neutral”.

2. If it is a three-phase circuit, please use Neutral and select one of the Live cables to make it a single-phase input.

3. Please confirm the input voltage. D1 Dimmer works with 100-240V AC input voltage.

4. Please confirm the parameters of the light going to be connected. The operating current should be less than 1A. The operating power should be less than 200W for incandescent light bulb and less than 150W for dimmable LED light.




1. The device can only connect incandescent light bulb and dimmable LED light.

Device Pairing Instruction

eWeLink APP Pairing

Switch the Device into Pairing Mode

After powering on, the device will automatically enter the “Quick Pairing Mode”(Touch) during the first use. And the connected light enters the “breathing mode”.

If the connected light doesn’t blink in this way, please power on the device for more than 10s, then power off, proceed the Power ON and OFF for 3 times until the connected light enters the “breathing mode”.

Or long press the signal icon button on the RM433 romote controller until the connected light enters the “breathing mode”.


Add the Device in eWelink

1. Launch eWeLink APP in the mobile phone.

2. Click ”+” icon at the middle bottom of interface.

3. Select “Quick Pairing” for adding device.

4. Choose the WiFi network that the device will connect with.

User Tips: Before choosing the WiFi network, location services should be turned on and location permission should be allowed.

5. Enter the correct WiFi password and click “Next”.

6. Wait for eWeLink to search for the device.

7. eWeLink finds the device.

8. Name the device and group it.

9. Success.


The device only works with 2.4GHz WiFi.

If the router is working in dual-band (2.4GHz & 5GHz), please upgrade the eWeLink app to V4.0.0 or above.

The Pairing will fail if a wrong WiFi password is input.

The device shall get close to router for a good transmission signal condition while pairing.

RM433 Romote Controller Pairing

Pairing with RM433 Remote Controller

Short press any button on the RM433 romote controller within 5 seconds after powering on until you hear “Bi”, which indicates all buttons are paired successfully.

Clean pairing with RM433 Remote Controller

Long press the button on the RM433 romote controller like the photo blow until you hear “Bi Bi”, which indicates all the RF learned code are cleaned.



Press any RM433 remote controller button once, the device will quit the pairing mode(Touch/AP).

If the device is not paired with WIFI, it will quit pairing mode(Touch/AP) after 3 minutes.

The RM433 remote controller is not included, please purchase it separately.


1. What load can be controlled with it?

Only incandescent light bulb and dimmable LED light.

2. What’s the working power limit of the load?

200W for incandescent light bulb and 150W for dimmable LED light.

3. What’s the working current limit of the load?


4. Is it reached any waterproof rate?

No, it is not waterproof.

5. How can it enter Quick Pairing Mode(Touch) if I don’t have a RM433 romote controller?

After powering on for more than 10s, power off and restart the device 3 times until the connected light enter “breathing mode”.

6. Can I set a inching time for it?

No. It doesn’t support inching function.

7. Does it support loop time?


8. Does it support LAN control?


9. What function does it support in LAN mode?

Turn on/off; Dimming; Set power-on state.

10. Can it work with IFTTT?


11. Can it work with Alexa/Google Assistant?


12. Does it support DIY mode?



Device pairing failed issue

1. Make sure device is in the pairing mode.

2. Make sure your Wi-Fi network runs on 2.4GHz band. Please try Compatible Pairing Mode (AP) or upgrade eWeLink APP to 4.0.0 version or higher if you use a dual-band router.

Compatible Pairing Mode (AP)

1. After entering Quick Pairing Mode, long press the signal icon button on the RM433 romote controller until the connected light enters “fast flash mode”.

Fast flash mode
Enter pairing mode

3. Make sure you entered a correct Wi-Fi SSID and password, no special characters contained.

4. The device shall get close to the router for a good transmission signal condition while pairing.

“Not able to access while entering DIY mode”issue

1. Check its firmware version, it should be V3.5.0 or above.

2. If it have entered DIY mode and set WIFI before, pair with eWelink to refresh the D1 Dimmer.

3. Change a browser and try again.

Device turn on/off automatically

D1 Dimmer maybe pair with RF devices around, check it out please. And use a RM433 remote controller to clean the RF signal pairing.

How to Clean pairing with RF signal?

Refer to the RM433 Romote Controller Pairing in the section of Device Pairing Instruction.