SONOFF S55 Waterproof WiFi Smart Socket

All for Your Smart Home.

Turn the Light on from Miles Away

Remotely manage appliances on your phone.

Just the Right Irrigation Time

Schedule the sprayer on/off for your garden based on your needs.

Always Know about Your Home

Show the real-time status of your appliances on the APP to give.

Always Know about Your Home

Seamlessly work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, simply turn the light on/off with your voice.

Still Work in the Rain

Specially designed for outdoor use.

IP55 splashproof

Full of Limitless Possibilities

IFTTT function allows more actions to happen.

Share Control, Quite Free

Manage your home together with your family just by device sharing.

Tailor Your Smart Home System

Manage your home together with your family just by device sharing.

Turn Your Old Phone into A Camera

Place the old phone in your greenhouse, convenient to monitor plants remotely.

Download eWeLink Camera app on your old phone (Android system) and pair it with eWeLink app on your new phone to make it act as a camera.

Ready For Your Smart Life

Installation, It's a Cinch

Punch a right hole for wires on the rubber stopper and feed in wires.

Drill 2 holes on the wall and then attach the back box to the wall with long screws.

Ensure correct wire connection, then install the rubber stopper on the bottom of the back box.

Fix the front cover and the back box with short screws.


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