433 RF Bridge


433 RF Bridge

Change the control way from 433MHz RF to the eWeLink with Wi-Fi. It can work with PIR2 PIR sensor and DW1 door/window alarm sensor to serve home security (PIR2 and DW1 are not included.)

Support the 433MHz RF to Control

Compatible with the 433MHz remote controller for easier control. Plus, pair it with eWeLink app and you will add four 1-4 buttons of the 433MHz remote controller, which means 16RF devices can be added,like curtain switch…

See Who’s Approaching Your House

By working with the PIR2 PIR sensor to detect any movement, perfect for keeping
an eye on your home when you’re away

Capture That Person Is Visiting Your Home

Matched with DWI door/window sensor, which they will notify you when a door or window opens after pairing with eWeLink. The way you will always know who is intruding into your home

Trigger Smart Scenes

Can add alarms to trigger the device matched with the RF remote controller happen. For example, you can set a smart scene that your light is turned on once you receive a notification reminds you that the door is opened, which seems like you’re occupied in home (Available for the Android 3.1.0 and higher)

Make Actions Happen via Voice

Talk to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant and have them complete your commands

How to Work?

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