SONOFF Zigbee Smart Curtain Motor

Explore a Unique Smart Curtain Experience.

Easy to Make Your Curtain Smart

Install this curtain motor on the original curtain track, clamp the clip, and go!

Applicable Situation

Save Time, Effort and Money

One device meets different use scenes

Suitable for various family curtains, one device can work for both single-side opening and double-side opening curtains! Save your time thinking about how to make your curtains smart!

One person can install it

No drilling required, no rewiring around windows. You can make the curtains smart in your spare time at home, saving you the effort of installation!

One-time fee from purchase to installation

Help you to retrofit the original curtain, avoiding the replacement of the original curtain track like traditional electric curtains. It is also easy to install without paying for a curtain installation service. Save money on your curtain retrofit!

Control Sunlight Soak up Your Room

Adjust the opening percentage through eWeLink APP. Let the sun shine in your home when the weather is nice.

Control Your Curtain by Voice

Supports multiple voice platforms. The curtains can be opened with just one command.

Let the Sun Warm Your Home

Schedule a time for your curtains, such as opening them automatically at sunrise. Let you bathe in the fresh air and wake up in the warm sunshine.

Smart Scene to Activate All

Set the smart scenes in the APP, all smart devices in the room can interact with the curtains.

Long Battery Life and Easy to Charge

Using 4000mA lithium battery, after fully charged, it can be switched on and off twice a day for up to 3 months of use. It can also be charged all the time to keep the battery fully charged at all times.

With Solar Panels, Environmentally Friendly and Energy-saving

Used with SONOFF solar panel to convert solar energy into electricity, which is energy-saving and environmentally friendly. One day’s charge can support the curtain motor to work for three days.

Support Multiple Gateways

Quick Start


*There is one curtain remote controller included in the package. If you need more controllers, please purchase them separately.